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The Eye of the Taiga

No description

Dune Hager

on 12 June 2014

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Transcript of The Eye of the Taiga

The Taigas Freezing Climate
The Eye of the Taiga
The Plant Life of the Taiga
The taiga is full of interesting plant life. Whether you're admiring the beauty of the Siberian spruce or collecting sap from paper birch to make syrup, the plant life will always amaze you.

The taiga is great for survivalists and adventurers because of things like canoe birch that like the namesake are great for making canoes.
Visit the Russian taiga! It may seem like a desolate place, but Russia is full of interesting places to visit. For example, the Kremlin and St. Brasil's Cathedral.

The first one was designed by Ivan Mashkov in 1485 and opened 10 years later. The address is KpeMñb, Moscow,Russia 103073. Or how about mountain climbing while trying to fight a hawk owl? Bring some grappling hooks. Best vacation ever!
The Animals of the Taiga
The taiga has some very interesting temperatures. Winter's lowest temperature in the taiga is deep in the negatives reaching -65 degrees Fahrenheit. Unless you want to freeze your pants off, do not come to the taiga without the proper clothing.
The Burning taiga
While the taiga is known for its freezing climate, it can be pretty hot. In fact, the summer usually holds temperatures around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. In Siberia it's usually 100 degrees. Although, in the winter you'll need a winter coat and a hat, in the summer you're fine in flip-flops and a tank top.
The red represents where the taiga is located.
The Wonders of the Taiga
There are over 50 different types of animal in the taiga. One of those is the Gray Wolf, this animal has very sharp teeth and can camouflage in the snow.

The Gray Wolf likes to eat hoofed animals like elk and small animals like beaver. Other than humans, this wolf has no known predator. Another animal is the Ermine/Stoat. Their body size is 24-29 cm long and have a height of 8-12 cm. The animals are very dangerous, so watch out for the wolverines!
Wanna learn more about taiga animals? Come read this!
The Burning Taiga
What do get when you cross a wolf and a lot of snow? Frostbite!
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