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Dream Vacation to Sydney, Australia

As summer is coming and I am about to graduate, I began planning what my dream vacation would be like. As you see, I would travel to Sydney, Australia and attempt to incorporate these plans into my trip in order to make my vacation the best it can be.

Amber German

on 4 January 2011

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Transcript of Dream Vacation to Sydney, Australia

My Dream Vacation to... Sydney, Australia Star City Resort Located on the shores of Sydney Harbor with magnificent views of the harbor and city skyline. Features:
Health Club
Spa & Salon
24-Hour Valet Service
This is a luxury accomodation that is sure to be
comfortable and make the stay magnificent. My Flight to Australia The flight will be about 15-20 hours! And could cost from $2000-$3000 Where will I stay? What could I do on my vacation? Go to the Sydney Tower! It's 260 meters above street level! (853 Feet) It's also the 25th largest freestanding structure in the world! The Tower Walk?! What can I do there? "You are guaranteed to have an amazing experience and see spectacular views of the city, voted the most beautiful in the world!" www.godo.com/au This exhilarating walk takes you across the platform of the tower in protective sky suits while being harnessed to safety rails with sliding cables. These views enable you to see
historical, geographical, and cultural landmarks. I would also visit Sydney's Chinatown A colorful mixture of Asian culture, shopping and cuisine.
The oriental architecture, street lanterns and archways confirm it as a showpiece for Australian Chinese culture. The paved mall is considered the heart of Chinatown:
an eclectic mix of Asian grocery stores where you can buy
Chinese medicinal herbs, clothing, home wares and exotic foods. Market City This building houses a range of specialty shops including Sydney's largest Asian supermarket and a host of big name factory outlet clothing stores. I would also like to go shopping! The Queen Victoria Building A purpose built shopping centre opened in 1898 celebrating Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee. Later restored in early 1980s.
(Now one of the most stunning examples of Victorian architecture in Sydney) Now houses a superb collection of 190 designer label and specialty stores Grace Brothers Department Store Seven levels and mezzanine floor.
Largest range of cosmetics in Australia. What other places would I visit? Lady Macquarie’s Chair One of the best vantage points in Sydney. This historic chair was carved out of the rock ledge for Governor Lachlan Macquarie’s wife, Elizabeth, as she enjoyed visiting the area and the view of the harbor. "Mrs Macquarie's Point...provides excellent views west across the harbour to the Bridge and the Mountains in the far distance." http://www.discoversydney.com The Sydney Opera House Extraordinary site on Darling Harbor at Bennelong Point. One of the world’s most important modern buildings. Designed to match the vast size of the harbor. Remarkable because the schema makes no reference to past history or to classical architectural forms and the building contains enough visual appeal for human interest. Its organic shape and lack of surface design have made it timeless.
There are many performances held inside that bring large amounts of people. The Art Gallery of New South Whales Established in 1874, fine international and Australian art in one of those most beautiful art museums in the world.
Modern and contemporary art is displayed in an expansive space that also provides views of Sydney and the harbor.
Also includes dedicated galleries celebrating the arts of Asia. What are the restaurants I would eat at?
What would I eat?! Bar Europa At this restaurant, one can enjoy delicious cocktails,
gourmet pizzas and antipasto while experiencing the European bar style. What I would eat... Pizza made with fresh tomatoes, kalamata olives and shaved parmesan, topped with fresh basil
Corn chips served with a fresh tomato salsa and guacamole
Chocolate gelato YUM! Astral Restaurant "Designed for people who enjoy dining out as an experience and for those who wish to savour the very best in contemporary Australian cuisine. With breathtaking panoramic views of the city and Sydney Harbour, Astral is one of Australia's best fine-dining restaurants." http://www.toprestaurants.com/sydney.htm My Meal:
Roast Organic Barramundi: Baby squid and squid ink sauce
Cinnamon ice cream Fat Noodle Predominantly Chinese influenced with Vietnamese and other Asian specialties, this menu offers a fresh twist on traditional recipes and ingredients. What I will eat:
Fat Pho Noodles: Chef Luke’s signature beef broth, thinly sliced angus sirloin, brisket, fresh chili, thai basil, fresh mint, bean sprouts and rice noodles.
Young coconut juice. Lotus Pond This restaurant features a Cantonese influenced menu with the finest Chinese cuisine. My Meal Choice:
Parrot fish from the tank
Shark fin soup with crab meat
Lotus Pond deep-fried ice cream “Put your dinner in the skilled hands of head Chef Yan-Tak Liu and you’ll experience a meal worthy of the royal garden surroundings.” www.starcity.com.au Sean's Kitchen This restaurant unites the world’s foods at your table with the finest produce and extraordinary flavors. My Meal:
Wagyu steak
Wagyu sausage with a summer bean casserole. I wil also need to get an Australian Visa before entering the country. After all the wonderful views I will see, exquisite food I will taste, and overall spectacular experience I will have, I am sure this vacation will be the most memorable of all and I will long to visit again. Goodbye Australia... ...Hello Wisconsin :(
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