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IWU Theatre Guild Publicity

No description

Kendra Emmett

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of IWU Theatre Guild Publicity

IWU Theatre Guild Publicity Dropbox - Publicity Folder Season Plan Submitting a Web Portal Request Job Description - Publicity Coordinator (Kendra)
THE Publicity List (Rachael Stuckey) Set up a reasonable calendar for the season Meet with any and all directors as soon as possible in order to sort out how the poster design will be obtained Social Media and Accounts Dropbox Folder Whoever is hired will be added to the folder, which contains a document with the following list of accounts, with usernames and passwords Gmail Account
Facebook Page Admin
Twitter Account
Hootsuite (Social Media Manager)
Indiana Auditions
Wix Website
Wordpress (New Website)
MailChimp (Newsletter Generator) Opt 1: Art class design (faculty-directed shows)
Opt 2: Publicity Coordinator contracts designer
Opt 3: Self-designed poster What Needs to be on the Poster o “The Indiana Wesleyan University Theatre Guild presents...”
o Theatre Logo Template (gray bar across bottom with logo)
o Title
o Playwright (Composer, Lyricist) – at least 50% of title font size
o Production rights tagline
o Director (if senior: "Directed by senior Ronald McDonald," if musical: include both director and music director [could potentially have music director and conductor])
o Dates and times in easily readable format
o Venue (Black Box Theatre, Phillippe Performing Arts Center Auditorium)
o Ticket prices
- Currently $12 General Admission, $10 for IWU Employees and Senior Citizens, $7 for IWU Students
o Box Office Number (765-677-2610) University Print Center You will be given access to the IWU Theatre Guild Print Center Account
Can make orders online
Can get there from Wildcat page: mouse over "Resources," click "University Print Center," login

To order:
11x17" (with bleeds) or 12x18" posters on cardstock (weight typically #100 gloss or accent) [75]
24x36" generic paper (light box) [1]
Optional: 24x36" mounted posters (foam core - $25 apiece) [1-3]
36x96" generic paper (mallway banners - design will be 36x48") [5]
Optional: Tshirts - through Pro Prints
in Marion
Collect money from cast/crew members before placing order - does not come out of show budget Designer may give you "soft" copies - InDesign files or other file that can be manipulated, all you really need is PDFs. Other on-campus outlets Emails
PowerPoint Slide Advertisements
Web Portal (Wildcat & IWU Family Pages)
Table Tents
Campus Mailings
NEW! Chapel Announcement
The Fortress - spot & ticket giveaway
Mallway Publicity Table & Tickets

Ask the cast!
o Post posters
o Announce in classes
o Musical (or not!) - Flash Mobs? Announcing preview to faculty
Email tammy.mclaughlin@indwes.edu (Academic Affairs - faculty only)

Also an email to tammy.mclaughlin@indwes.edu (Academic Affairs - faculty and staff)

Email to Division Chairs/Heads of Departments
Through brenda.westfall@indwes.edu (Comm Division)

*Templates for some of these emails can be found in Dropbox Folder PowerPoint Slides Black Box Screens (Regular 4:3 ratio)
Update slide show

Chapel Screens (16x9")
Email to cindy.ruder@indwes.edu

Conference Services - InfoDesk Screens (14.23x8")
Email infodeskscreen@indwes.edu

Inquire: Marketing Manager - email
McConn Screen (8.5x13") Programs 11x17" Tri-fold programs is standard IWU Theatre Guild program

Order through Print Center - 28# White Photo paper
If need less expensive, can use generic paper

Color: more expensive - faculty shows
Black & White: less expensive - student shows Facebook Create one Facebook event for the show through IWU Theatre Guild page Season! Rocket Man by Steven Dietz
The Crucible by Arthur Miller
No Exit by Jean-Paul Sartre
Radium Girls by D.W. Gregory
[Opera: The Tender Land by Aaron Copland and Horace Everett] To Do [perhaps over the summer] o Get new website up and running, update with new season info
o New season banner/cover photo
o Email sheila.pettis@indwes.edu with information to be submitted to IWU Website http://www.indwes.edu/onstage/from-the-theatre-guild/ Use IWU Student Login info:
https://secure.indwes.edu/webdev Emails (continued) Emails THE SECRET GARDEN - SPRING MUSICAL
Phillippe Performing Arts Center Auditorium
March 14-16 @ 7:30 p.m.
March 21-23 @ 7:30 p.m.
Saturday Matinees March 16 & 23 @ 2:00 p.m.
Box Office: 765-677-2610
Student tickets $7. For more information visit http://www.indwes.edu/onStage/From-the-Theatre-Guild/ or https://www.facebook.com/iwutheatreguild Student Body: Daily Developments
Ex: Twitter Set up hashtag for the show and tweet

Ex: #IWUSecretGarden

Tactics for audience interaction
Raffle Hootsuite Free social media manager Table Tents 8.5x11" paper - 60 - Color or B&W
o Poster graphic
o Dates
o Venue
o Box Office Number
o Ticket Prices Campus Mailings 2700 in hand
1/4 sheet (4.25x5.5") or business card-sized
Poster Graphic
Drop off at Student Development for approval
Pick up and deliver to Post Office Chapel Announcement Contact a chaplain, talk to chapel staff/Dean of Chapel The Fortress Spot o Contact a Fortress staff member (production or promotions)
o Write script with basic info (template in Dropbox Folder)
o Ask if he/she might be willing to create a spot to air on the Fortress Ticket Giveaway o Instructions for ticket giveaway worked out with both Box Office and The Fortress
o Document in Dropbox Folder
o Email sheila.pettis@indwes.edu, box.office@indwes.edu, and Station Manager at The Fortress
o Specify dates for ticket giveaway (two tickets, typically Thursday nights, Saturday matinees)
o Attach document with instructions (every time) The Sojourn Make sure the Arts & Entertainment Editor (and/or Editor in Chief) of The Sojourn knows we have a show

Make a night available for someone to come watch rehearsal/preview

Sometimes they will do a preview story as well as a review, just ask. Community: Chronicle Tribune & WCJC Submit story to Chronicle Tribune online or call
Make a night available for someone to come watch a rehearsal/preview WCJC
Contact: Joshua Vigar - handles promotions for local radio station
Have to create professional, 30-second spot to be sent to him
He will create air schedule
Work out billing with Brenda
Pricey - typically only for shows with larger budgets Mallway Publicity Table Procedures Conference Services o Table cloth o Cash Box
o Season Poster o Tickets from Box Office
o Show Poster
o Newsletter Sign Up Sheet
o Computer with Picture Slide show of Cast/Additional computer with publicity videos
Encourage cast members to come help you advertise! Expenses The sky's the limit!
(Or, more realistically, your budget is.)

Find out budget from director BEFORE spending money

ALWAYS keep a running total of your expenses in a spreadsheet. After the show, email final spreadsheet to Director, Stage Manager, and Brenda Other Ideas Contacting Local Schools o For letters, find list of schools and template for letterhead in Dropbox Folder
o Talk to Brenda about envelopes and stamps - keep track of expense Other Community Outreach o Selling advertising (contract template in Dropbox)
o Based on content of the show, perhaps partner with Grant County business or organization - homeless shelters, nursing homes, humane society
o Just the beginning! Music Video List of specifications and list
of manipulations in Dropbox Folder WIWU TV Ask if a Media Com TV student might be willing to shoot a quick package to air on WIWU TV51

If there is a hook - something unique about the show or some way it connects to the community, Dr. King will sometimes do a feature on Crossroads - ask

Work with them to get them whatever they need to do the package or feature
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