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Learn everything about Fractions in a Awesome Prezi!!

Sophie Raar

on 14 February 2012

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Transcript of Fractions

Fractions Simplify What is Simplifying Fractions? Well, Simplifying fractions is when you reduce the fraction but still keep the same amount. What are Fractions? A Fraction represents a part of a whole number. Fractions always have to be equal. Haven't you ever looked at a fraction and thought
"Wow, those are big numbers!" ?
That's when you start simplifying to make it easier. Let's say your fraction is:

72 What can you divide these numbers equally by? 2!! So let's start dividing. 46 2 23
72 2 36 You've just simplified!!
It's that simple. Let's do some more!! 45
75 What can you divide these numbers equal by? 5!! But you don't always have to start dividing with small numbers, you can also divide with big numbers first. What number bigger than 5 do you see? 45
75 15!! Let's divide!! 45 15 3
75 15 5 You just simplified again! REMEMBER, what you do to the denominator you do to the numerator. The top number is called the numerator. The bottom is called the denominator. 33
66 What is the number you can divide these by equaly? 11!! Let's divide!! 33 11 3
66 11 6 You can divide it again!!
By... 3!! 3 3 1
6 3 2 Adding What is adding fractions? Adding fractions is when you add two or more fractions together. Let's add! 3 1 4
5 5 5 First thing to do:
Look if your denominators are the same.
If they are, don't add them. Don't
change!! There you go!! Let's try with denominators that are different. What you do then is find the LCM of the two denominators. What is LCM? LCM LCM is short for Lowest Common Multiple. It is when you have to numbers and find which multiple that they have in common, the lowest number is the LCM. How do you find the LCM? Let's say your numbers are 6 and 8.
Write down the first few multiples of 6. Let's start with 6. Here are first few multiples of 6:
6x1 = 6
6x2 = 12
6x3 = 18
6x4 = 24
6x5 = 25
Now let's write the multiples of 8. Stop when you see a number that we have in 6.
8x1 = 8
8x2 = 16
8x3 = 24
YES!! We've got a match!!
24 is the LCM of 6 and 8. Let's continue with adding. Remember how to get a LCM because we will use it more. 1 3
6 8 Change!!
The denominators are different!! We change it to the LCM of the two
denominators. The numbers are 6 and 8.
We just did that so we know the
LCM is 24!! 1 3
6 8 24 LCM Change to... Okay, now that that's done!
Subtracting is next!! Subtracting What is subtracting Fractions? Subtracting Fractions is when you subtract two fractions Subtracting Fractions is just the same as Adding Fractions. The only difference is that you add in adding fractions and subtract in subtraction fractions Subtracting Fractions is just the same as adding fractions only with Adding Fractions you add and with Subtracting Fractions you subtract! Let's try!! 5 2
7 7 Just like in adding you don't add the denominators. 5 2 3
7 7 7 SAME Let's add with denominators that are different. 3 1
8 5 Because we changed the denominator we have to change the numerator! 1 3
6 8 4 24 4 4 3 24 3 9 so..
if we add our answers... 4 9 13
24 24 24 CHANGE!! The LCM of 5 and 8:
5x8 = 40
8x5 = 40 Just like in adding, what you do to the denominator you do to the numerator. 3 1
8 5 5 5 40 15 8 8 8 40 If we subtract our answers... 15 8 7
40 40 40 Because we can't simplify this, this is our final answer. Multiply Now that we've finished that, Multiplying is next! What is multiplying fractions? Multiplying fractions is when you multiply two fractions. Multiplying fractions different then adding
or subtracting fractions, this is much easier. 3 2
8 7 6
56 There is our answer!! 5 2 10
8 8 64 BUT... You can simplify!! 6 2 3
64 2 32 This can be simplified!! 10 2 5
64 2 32 There is our answer!! Dividing What is dividing fractions?
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