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Booted Up for Keyboarding

Keyboarding and Ergonomics

Pshantel Dean-McGruder

on 11 August 2010

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Transcript of Booted Up for Keyboarding

The components of good typing are... index and middle fingers type the easier letters (middle of the keyboard) ring and little fingers
type harder keys
(on the outside of
the keyboard. poor working posture
and conditions can
cause injuries movement should occur
primarily at the finger
joints, not the hands no need for looking at fingers or keys
and a trained 'finger-position' sense for
the physical location of keys

the basis for development of
fast and accurate typing your whole body should be seated
and supported in the most stable
position possible 1. Sit up in your chair
with feet flat on the floor
www.byteback.org Hand Placement 2. Keep your back straight 3. Keep your forearms and
hands parallel to the keyboard
4. Keep your wrist straight 5. Fingers curved, not flat
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