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Quadratic Functions in Architecture

No description

Renaldo Johnson

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of Quadratic Functions in Architecture

By: Renaldo Johnson Quadratic Functions in Architecture Quadratic regression equation Vertex and AOS Comparison Eiffel Tower Points used: (-6,7), (0,8), (8,5) X-Intercepts and comparison X= -28.13, 18.13 AOS= -4.96 The piece of architecture I choose was the Eiffel Tower. Actual Height : 1, 063ft
Height in picture: 20.32cm (0,8) (-6,7) (5,6) (8,5) Quadratic equation C A B Actual x-intercepts : -6, 8 The x-intercepts that I got was completely off compared to the actual x-intercepts from the graph. Vertex= (-4.96, 8.97) Actual AOS= 0 Actual Vertex= (0,8) The Axis of symmetry and vertex compared to the actual didn't really make sense. The (x)-intercept was completely off and the (y)-intercept I got was a little of compared to the actual. Coordinates of another point (5,6) Substituting point in my Quadratic equation In conclusion My quadratic regression/model wasn't a good model of my architecture because when comparing my results with the actual they didn't match. My (x)- intercepts didn't make sense and they weren't even close. The AOS and vertex were off. The y-value of the vertex was a little off compared to the y-value of the original. The x-value was completely off in comparison to the actual. After finding another point and plugging it into my equation the (y)- intercept 5.1 was actually close to the actual which was 6 3 interesting facts
The tower is painted every 7 years in 3 shades of brown
It has 1,710 steps
The tower weighs 7,000 tons Work cited
http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-xB-dGhaVcr8/T7vnGPGabXI/AAAAAAAADpU/uzMOpAUTdcU/s1600/eiffel-tower.jpg 1cm= 52.31ft
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