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The Outsiders Project

No description

Thierry leveque

on 21 October 2015

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Transcript of The Outsiders Project

1. PonyBoy got beat by the Socs
The Socs beat PonyBoy and try to cut his hair when the Greasers come for help him they run away.
2.They go to the drive-in
3.Cherry got split from Ponyboy
Some greasers were walking with Cherry and Marcia and a Socs' car saw them and tell the girl to come with them at the begining they decline and when the were ready to fight the Greasers the girl accept to come with them and tell ponyboy then she will not be able to talk to him for moment.
It's important because we see why it can't be set (love realitionship)
Quote:'The Mustang came to a halt beside us,and two boys in the front get out' P.44
4.Johnny kill a Socs (Bob)
Ponyboy and Darry had a strife and Darry push Ponyboy and he go hide in a park to calm down and Johnny come to him and start to talk to him and then 5 Socs come in the park and try to drown ponyboy and then Johnny stab Bob and killd him.It's important because after this they will need to hide themselves from the police.
6.Ponyboy save kids from the burning

The church was in fire and Ponyboy go back inside of the church to go save some kids who were inside of the church. It's important because after this Ponyboy will be a hero.

7.They are at the hospital

Ponyboy,Johnny and Dally are in he hospital. Ponyboy and Dally only have slightly injured and Johnny is in really bad shape.
It's important because it's telling us more about the guy' situation before two of them die.
9.The Greasers win the fight!
After a moment the Socs run away the go in there cars and go away because the Greasers were beating them.
It's important because they are now the best team in between the Socs and the Greasers
10.Johnny and Dally die
After the big fight Johnny die in the hospital after the church accident. Ponynoy think Dally do not support his friend die and killhimself when he target the police with is empty handgun.
It's important because two of the Greasers die.

Topic 1

By Thierry Leveque
After he talked about his family and its important because it's explain us a little bit about the fight between the Greasers and the Socs.
Quote: 'Need a haircut,Gearser?' P5-P6
The Greasers go to the drive-in to have fun watching a movie and they meet 2 girls and Dally go talk to them but they do not love him so the redhair's girl go talk to PonyBoy.It's important because that when they meet

Quote:'The redhair was getting mad,or scared'
8.Greasers vs Socs big fight
Quote:'You really killed him, huh johnny'P.57
5.Ponyboy and Johnny hide in a church
Ponyboy and Johhny had to hide themself in a church from the police because they killed a Socs they will stay inside of the church for around a week. It's important because it will create friendly connection for Ponyboy and Johnny.
Quote:'But this church gave me a kind of creepy feeling'P.67
Quote:'For Pete's sake, ge outa there! That roof's gonne cave in any minute.Forget those blasted kids!'P.93
Quote:'Johnny was unconscious.I had been afraid to look at him,but I was relived to see that his face wasn't burn.' P.96
The Socs report to the Greasers they wanna do a big fight the Socs vs the Greasers to see who are the best and to have a revenge about there friend.In the fight there is 20 Greasers and 22 Socs

It's important because it's the final fight of the book and we will see who will won the Socs or the Greasers.
Quote:'I couldn't find a Soc of my size,so i took the next-best size and jumped on him.' P.143
Quote:'They're running! I heard a voice yell joyfully. Look at the dirty -- run !' P.145
Quote:'Oh, dammit , Johnny ,don't die,please don't die' P149
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