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Copy of Copy of Indra Nooyi Leadership Presentation

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Frank GU

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Indra Nooyi Leadership Presentation

Leadership Style - Rose from zero to top
- Earned everything she has
- Inspiring life story Indra Nooyi The "Iron Lady" of PepsiCo. Risk Taking and Concrete decisions... Thank You for the Attention! Promoting the Company Mission - "Performance with Purpose"
- From "Fun for You" to "Good for You"
- It is not only a job, it is a mission
- Believing in the bigger goal - Since 1994
- Today: Chairman and and Chief Executive Officer
- Ranked #1 in the World's 100 Most Powerful Women for 5 years
- In 2012, ranked #2
- Chief architect of
Performance with
Purpose About PepsiCo. -Distributes products across more than 200 countries
-38 beverage bottling plants and 3 food plants
-6400 employees and 200,000 indirect employees
- 14% net revenue
- $65 billion net
revenue About PepsiCo Leadership Style Leadership Style Nooyi in PepsiCo - Global food and beverage company
- Expanded from Pepsi
- Twenty-two brands
- Founded in India in 1989
- World's #2-carbonated soft-drink maker Emotional Intelligence - Percepts employees as people first
- Creates fun and heartfelt environment in the office -walking barefoot and singing
- Communication to everyone through blog and social media (more than 300,000 people)
- Compelling way of speech About Nooyi - Indian-American businesswoman
- Born in 1955
- Spent childhood in Chennai, India
- Middle-class family
- Education: Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Madras Christian College
- MBA from the Indian Institute of Management in Calcutta
- 1978: Masters of Public and Private
Management from Yale
- Worked for Johnson & Johnson,
Asea Brown Boveri,
and Motorola The 5 C's... - Competence
- Courage
- Communication
- Compass
- Coaching - Powerful through taking risk
- Making a big shift in the company product line
- Changing the business plan References: Leadership Style Leadership Style Nurturing Employees - Family oriented employee benefits - family leaves, tuition reimbursement, adoption assistance, etc. Sending postcards to family! Leadership Style Motivating Personality Theories Personal Trait Theory - Good leadership depends on personal traits like background, gender, etc.
- In Nooyi's case it applies - not only the person is charismatic, but her traits as well -Mutual trust, respect for employees and their feelings and ideas
- To Nooyi employees are family members
- She aims for close relationships Consideration Democratic + Maternal Leadership - Listens to opinions and considers them
- Still seems to be making all the important decisions
- Tries to satisfy employee's social needs Pros of Nooyi's Leadership Style -Lower employee turnover rates since Nooyi is CEO

-High employee satisfaction

-Happier work environment

-At the same time clear goals and a business plan of determination Cons of Nooyi's Leadership Style -Employee oriented might have negative effect on profit management. Some theories say that you cannot be more people oriented without being less goal oriented

-Too much involvement with employees could have a negative emotional impact on both leaders and employees http://pepsicoindia.co.in/
http://www.hks.harvard.edu/fs/rpande/papers/Gender%20Quotas%20-%20April%202011.pdf Teodora Toneva & Kristina Borisova
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