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Aventura Mall as a Hospitality Destination

Made by Marlene, Rita and Raquel. FIU, Summer 2013.

Rita Ritvin

on 18 June 2013

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Transcript of Aventura Mall as a Hospitality Destination

Aventura Mall as a Hospitality Destination
Owned by Turnberry Associates
Used to be undeveloped swamp land
Mission Statement
Turnberry Associates is an organization committed to its employees, its customers, and to the communities in which we do business.
SWOT Analysis
Aventura Mall is the 2nd most visited shopping center in the US
70% of all purchases take place in malls
Over 28 million shoppers visit the mall per year
The 5th mall in national sales
Aventura Mall as a Hospitality Destination

Transportation traffic at the mall and its’ surrounding can be heavy during weekends, holidays and the mall’s closing hour

Overwhelming amounts of people in the mall may have the opposite effect on local visitors; they would rather stay away from the mess and masses.

30% international visitor reach- hotels & hotel concierges

40% repeat customers – reward programs and advertising.

#6 visited area in Miami – should be #

Supports local charities, including the Humane Society of Greater Miami/Adopt-A-Pet, Children’s Home Society, Diabetes Research Institute. Holding various special events and fund raising programs.
· Bal Harbour Shops is 8 miles away.
has a waiting list for retailers, while operating at 100% occupancy for several decades.
According to Aventura Mall’s research, 40 percent of Aventura Mall’s shoppers have an average household income of more than $100,000.

About 20 percent of Aventura Mall shoppers are tourists.

Actualizers; financially stable with many resources. They can spend money for pleasure rather than out of necessity, and their spending is on all the finest things in life – food, clothes, jewelry, cars, etc.
Experiencers, is a group of people who spend large amounts of their income on fashion and “cool” gadgets, they are more concerned with the financial abilities and appearance.
World-Class Branding
Lincoln Road, 15 miles away from Aventura Mall. Located in the heart of South Beach, includes many of the same brands.
Margarita Ritvin
Marlene Hidalgo
Raquel Diaz
Donald Soffer
Marketing Mix
Annual magazine
Diverse retailers
Social media

Evaluating Target Market
Tourists are welcome
Big dreams and aspirations?
Kids are welcome!
"We have been to this mall (50kms away) and it was just great! Thousands of good shops (means different things and clothes than in Europe), great food but sometimes unfriendly staff, but we guess thats normal for the US. But if you want to choose a mall, choose the Aventura Mall and you and your husband wont get bored there.."
Traffic Control seems to be the only real issue with Aventura mall.
Customer service is extremely important and apparently slightly flawed
Majority of the reviews and personal stories are positive!
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