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New Hampshire State Government

No description

Elizabeth McGarty

on 21 March 2017

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Transcript of New Hampshire State Government

New Hampshire
State Government

The Legislative Branch
The Judicial Branch
The General Court
members are elected every 2 years
they write and pass all laws in NH
truly a "citizen" legislature, members only receive a $100 stipend each year plus reimbursement of mileage
The Executive Branch
There are three levels in the NH court system:
The Supreme Court - the final place that decisions are made
Superior Court - cases of serious crimes and larger lawsuits
Circuit Courts (district, family, probate-wills and guardianship) - cases for small claims and some criminal cases
The 3 Branches Explained
The Executive Council
Each of the five Executive Councilors represents approximately 264,000 people
The Executive Council is responsible for approving spending and appointments
Councilors serve a 2 year term
Christopher C. Pappas represents Auburn and Derry in District 4
Russell E. Prescott represents Chester and Hampstead in District 3
The Governor, Executive Council, and state agencies are responsible for the execution of the law.
New Hampshire has the second largest legislature in the United States.
Only the US Congress and the English and Indian Parliaments are larger.
The Senate
The House of Reps
The General Court
24 members
elected every 2 years
must be 30 years old
7 years a resident
400 members
elected every 2 years
must be 18 years old
all revenue ($) bills must originate here
Who represents you?
Judges are nominated by the Governor and appointed by the Governor and Council
Judges serve until they retire or reach age 70 (although they may be removed for cause)
The Supreme Court is composed of the Chief Justice and four associate justices
How does the state government of New Hampshire contrast with the national government?
The Executive Council
Judges can't serve after 70
The legislative branch is not involved in appointments
Every bill before the General Court has a hearing
Every bill before the General Court that has been assigned to a committee gets a hearing. Currently there are 847 bill requests (LSR).
revenue bills start in the House
of Representatives so they decide what taxes we have in our state.

NH gets money from
property taxes
"sin" taxes
on things like cigarettes. There is also a tax on
NH gets most of its revenue ($) from property taxes
Criminal vs. Civil
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