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Gothic Horror Literature Project

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Transcript of Gothic Horror Literature Project

Gothic Horror Literature Project
This scene contains entrapment/imprisonment becuase the stakes are falling on the woman confining her to the bed.
This scene contains a revenant because the ghost of the castle owner,that came back from the dead.
This scene contains supernatural props because there was a a trap that killed the man.
This movie is about a group of people that experiment whether there are supernatural forces within the castle.
This scene shows a haunted house because it's inhabited by a supernatural being.
This scene contains the Gothic hero named Elanor who stays with the other people in the castle.
This scene contains Gothic counterfeit because the mirror is playing tricks on the protagonist.
This scene contains Metonymy of Gloom and Horror because you can hear a ghostly howl/roar.

This scene contains the villain of the movie because he is the one keeping the souls of the children with him in the castle.
This scene has a a Gothic castle near a Cemetery in it.
This scene has a damsel in distress because she is always being attacked by the ghost of the castle.
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