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The Academy Awards

No description

isabel andrade

on 30 May 2013

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Transcript of The Academy Awards

The Known as the Oscars
The oldest, best known, most influential, prestigious, and famous of film awards Was designed by art director Cedric Gibbons and sculpted by George Stanley. in 2004 the ceremony was moved even earlier to improve ratings and to be more relevant to de "award" season about
the statuette About his history For one Oscar it's necesary 12 persons and 20 hours of job about the ceremony Since 1942 was celebrated in the L.A. Kodak theater the winner is... the Oscar goes to... In 2001 the Academy announced that the shorter speech would be prize with a T.V. About curiosities Academy Award Presented annually by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS)
The first awards ceremony was held in May of 1929 Maybe was the Hollywood columnist Sidney Skolsky that used the name Oscar for the first time in a 1934 article. Until 1954, the Oscars were presented on Thursday. From 1955 to 1958 were presented ond Wednesday From 1959 until 1998 the Oscars were presented on monday Since 1999 the ceremony taken place in sunday (traditionally in march) Armored knight
over a film band 34 cm of height and 4 kilos of weight Fabricated with bronze and
gold 1942-1942 was made with plaster because of the ward The first ceremony was on march 26th 1929 without communication media coverage in the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel "What a hell..." the winners Just 2 persons have recived an especial desingn of the Oscar In 1938 Edgar Bergen
"Charlie Mc'Carthy" In1939 Walt Disney
"Snow White and the 7 dwarf" Walt Disney
Guinness World Record
of"Most Oscars won" 32 awards 60 nominations If you want to sell an Oscar... you just will get the "winners agreement" more than 140 Oscars have been sold The youngest winner on af Oscar Shirley Temple, at age 6, 1934 Jessica Tandy, the oldest winner of best actress Oscar Most award won by a woman Edith Head
8 awards Most awards won by acting Katharine Hepburn-- 4 Oscars Best actress

Ingrid Bergman-- 2 best actress, 1 supporting actress

Jack Nicholson-- 2 best actor, 1 supporting actor

Wlter Brennan-- 3 supporting actor Most awards won by a person still living Dennis Muren, 9 awards by Visual Effects Supervisor Most award by Art Director 11 awards and
34 nominations John Ford Most directin awards
4 Cedric Gibbons Post mortem award Peter Finch, 1976 Heath Ledger,
2009 In 2000, 50 Oscars
were stolen 1 week before.Willie Fulgear found it The sound mixer Kevin O'connell
is the man with more nominations (20) and none won Sandra Bullok won
"the worse actress"
and "Best actress" Oscar Hammerstein II
The unique winner named "Oscar" Tha famous
"Red carpet"
is 500 ft
of lenght Robert de Niro Marlon Brando Are the unique actors that won the Oscar for the same character Kathryn Bigelow, 2010 Best Director
by the
movie with the
smallest collect Two greatest actors refused the Academy Award 1970, Best actor "the politics around the ceremony are demeaning" "two hours meat parade" The movies with
amazing records 1959 12 nominations 11 won 1997 14 nominations 11 won 2003 11 nominations 11 won
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