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Space Tech

I hope everyone loves this science Prezi

Nolan Wilkinson

on 4 February 2014

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Transcript of Space Tech

Ion drives work almost the same way solar sails do, except that it doesn't need light. It also doesn't need much fuel, and yes, this is the thing in the movies.
Chemical Rockets
Chemical rockets are getting old.First of all, they use too much gasoline. That pretty much sums up chemical rockets.
Solar sails
Solar sails use gasses and light to make a ship go fast. If you were to wait long enough, it would propel you to a speed that's a fraction of the speed of light!
Nuclear Propulsion
Nuclear propulsion works by using small nukes to propel it forward. It is 12% the speed of light. Also, it's probably insane,but fuel efficient.
Nuclear fusion
Antimatter is exactly that, it's the opposite of matter. It will eat up normal matter. It costs 200 times more than the average person's house to make one Gram. There is also the fact that nothing known to man can contain it. It is an extremly reliable fuel source.
Space Tech

Ion Drives

Nuclear fusion works by making electricity heat up plasma. This plasma is used to thrust the ship forward. It isn't used because it is too slow.
Thanks to : http://zidbits.com/2012/12/what-is-the-future-of-space-travel/
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