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The Scorch Trials

Plot diagram describing the book The Scorch Trials

Autumn Roecker

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of The Scorch Trials

The Scorch Trials Plot Diagram Exposition In The Scorch Trials, by James Dashner, the exposition is very short. This book is the second book in a series, so most of the introducing takes place in the first book. At the end of the first book, The Maze Runner, They escape the Maze and are taken to a safe house, but they soon realize the safe house is not very safe. The main character Thomas, and the rest of his friends from the Maze realize they are not out of the maze completely, the trials are not over, and the company known as WICKED still has the gladers (what the boys from the maze call themselves) in their trap. Rising Actions Climax The climax starts with Teresa and Aris taking Thomas to a cave, here she says she will give him up as a sacrifice. Thomas feels completely betrayed, he thought Teresa loved him, but now shes saying she has always loved Aris and Thomas was just a piece in the trial who now has to be sacrificed. Teresa and Aris open a door in the back of the cave Thomas must go in, Thomas tries to resist and almost gets away, but they force him in and close the door. Thomas describes the room as a "creepy, sickening prison." Thomas just lay there for what could have been hours. He only thought about Teresa and what she did to him. A green mist crept into the room. Thomas thought about death and just waited there for it to come. Thomas does not know if he is dead or alive, but he has a memory, Teresa, Aris, him and another girl are standing around. Teresa is crying, because that day was the day Thomas had to get his memory wiped and enter the maze. Thomas was remembering the day before everything started. Thomas falls into a deep sleep, and when he wakes up everything is confusing, at first he dosen't realize he is alive, but then Teresa is there and he realized this was all just another trial. Falling Actions The book comes to an end when they are on the plane. Thomas and the gladers have no more trials to complete, they are healed, and they are told that everything is going to be okay, but the boys are smarter than that, they no the trials really aren't over. The boys have been through too much to believe the rest of their life will be easy. As for Thomas and Teresa, things will never be the same because Thomas can't put his full trust in her yet. At the moment the gladers are safe, and that's all they care about, living one day at a time, and worry about other things when they need to worry about them. Resolution By: James Dashner a. The gladers wake up to cranks pounding on their windows. Cranks are sick people who have lost their minds due to a sickness spreading across the earth because of sun flares hitting the earth. Thomas and everyone else go to the main room and find their "rescuers" hanging from the ceiling, dead. Thomas goes to Teresa's room and she is gone, Teresa was the one girl in the maze with them. In Teresa's place the found a boy named Aris, he tells them he was from a group just like the gladers, but the group was all girls, and he was the only boy, the last one sent to the maze. b. The gladers all find tattoos on their shoulders and Thomas' says he is to be killed by group B. c. The boys wait around for almost four days with nothing to eat, only water. On the morning of the fourth day a pile of food appears in the main room, there is also a "rat faced" man sitting in a desk behind a thick glass wall. The man sits there for a while and then speaks to them. The man tells them that the trials are not over, they completed the maze trials and now must completes the scorch trials. He also told them they are infected with the flare and there "challenge" is to go through a flat trans, transportation device, and walk down a long dark tunnel until they reach the end, then they will enter a desert and have to walk 100 miles directly north and reach a safe haven, they will then be cured and the trials will be over. d. The gladers decide to do what the man says. When they are in the tunnel the first problem they run into is towards the end of the tunnel. One boy screams and suddenly he is dead, it is so dark no one can see what happened. The gladers start sprinting through the tunnel, but this happens to a few more boys while they are running. when this happens to the boy,Winston, in front of Thomas, Thomas know he has to help him. Thomas realizes it is a metal like mold covering the boys head, slowly suffocating him, with Thomas's help Winston pulls off the mold, it then turns solid and rolls away like a bowling ball. e. They get out of the tunnel and walk into a scorching hot desert, they have to cover themselves with sheets so they don't get burned, they head north towards a city about 30 miles away. f. On the way to the city the come upon a small shack, its at night so they cant see it very well but they see a girl outside the shack, Thomas gets a feeling that he must go over by her, but he must go alone. The girl ends up being Teresa. She goes in the shack and he follows her, she does not want Thomas there and screams for him to get away. Thomas could tell that Teresa was fighting something inside, she then comes over and kisses Thomas, then backs away and tells Thomas to run away from her. He does what she says and runs to the rest of the gladers then they run straight through the night. g. The next person they come across is an old man laying a mile or so outside the city. He warns them not to go inside,but they do not listen and continue walking towards the city. h. Soon a storm starts up and the boys have to make it to the city as fast as they can, huge bolts of lightning flash down around them and once they make it to the building they only have 11 boys left, they lost a little under half in the storm. They sleep through the night and in the morning a group of Cranks is in the building they are in, luckily the cranks are not very sick yet and Thomas makes a deal with the leader, Jorge, that he and one other crank Brenda will take the gladers safely across the city and then they will all go the the safe haven and get the cure. i. When the boys and Brenda are getting food in the cranks stash underground someone blows up the area over them and Thomas and Brenda are separated from the other gladers and Jorgre. Thomas and Brenda make their way through the city, they run into a group of harmful cranks but Thomas and Brenda get past them and kill one of them. j. Thomas and Brenda are almost at the end of the city when they are captured by more cranks, they are strapped into chairs and being questioned when Jorge and the rest of the gladers attack and they make it out of the city safely. k. The group is headed for the mountains and hope the safe haven is right over the mountains. When they sleep Thomas has dreams that show memories from before the maze, in every one of them he is with Teresa. He also wakes up one morning and hears Teresa talking in his head, she says things are about to get really bad, but that Thomas has to trust her. They continue walking for a while and are almost to the mountains when a group of girls lead by Teresa walks towards them, they demand Thomas as prisoner, and if the boys don't allow him to go with the girls then the girls will attack. Thomas goes with them and is dragged up the mountain in a burlap sack, the girls take him to their temporary camp in the mountain. Thomas is supposed to be killed, but he talks the group of girls out of killing him, the only one who still wants to kill hm is Teresa and she runs away from the camp. The girls and Thomas start making the trek toward the safe haven and hope the boys will catch up with them. l. Thomas and the girls are walking down the mountain when Thomas is pulled to the side, Teresa is there and she commands him to follow her. Teresa explains how everything up to that point was an act. Aris comes out from behind Thomas and Teresa says that she and Aris had planed everything, they even talked when they were in the mazes. Thomas is betrayed and heartbroken, he thought Teresa loved him. She then says she has to take him to a certain spot., to kill him. a. Teresa explains to Thomas that everything was an act, she was told to do everything, even though she knew she may hurt Thomas she had to do everything to save him in the end. Thomas, obviously does not trust her right away, but she insists that is all okay and they have to catch up with the groups and make it to the safe haven in time. Thomas has a choice to go with Teresa and Aris or die in the desert, so of course he follows them. b. They catch up with the other guys and girls and make it to the safe haven with some time to spare, but they find that the safe haven is just a sick in the ground labeled safe haven. A storm is coming in but they hope it holds off. The kids don't really know how the safe haven will work, but they don't have much time to think about that because soon giants are coming out of the ground in egg like containers ready to attack them. Everyone puts up a good fight and they take down some giants but soon the storm rolls in, they take shelter in the egg things the giants came out of. c. They start to hear a hover craft/plane thing coming down right over the safe haven stick. Thomas and everyone else has to make it to the plane before the time is up. They run towards the plane and have to take down a few more giants on the way they just barley make it. d. A man welcomes them, but immediately he points to Jorge and Brenda and says only one of them can come with. Thomas says to take Brenda hoping the man will take Jorge instead but he takes Brenda, Thomas stops him and grabs the mans gun, the man does not kill Brenda and lets her stay and then congratulates everyone for completing the trials. Autumn Roecker ************
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