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Martin Broadhurst

on 31 January 2012

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Transcript of EBIZCLUB - TWTTR

Twitter Terminology Twitter on the move What is it? How is it relevant for business? Case studies Best Practices 1 billion tweets per week Information network Status updates are known as tweets Tweets are limited to 140 characters Users subscribe to other users tweets by "following" them. Your timeline is the real-time listing of all the tweets of people you follow Share information quickly Gather market intelligence Build meaningful relationships with people who can, or possibly will, care about your business Mentions Retweet Message Hashtag #FF - Follow Friday #WW - Wedding Wednesday #DerbyUK - Derby #LeicesterTigers - LeicesterTigersRUFC #Notts - Nottinghamshire Cricket Club #Networking - promoting networking events #Jobs - Advertising jobs Retweets are tweets that are deemed good enough to be shared by someone.

There are two types of retweet: traditional and new A mention is a tweet containing your @username Messages are private messages.
Also known at Direct Messages or DM.
They are still limited to 140 characters.
Can only be read by the two users.
Start a tweet with D or DM followed by the name of the intended recipient to send one. Share Share photos and behind-the-scenes info about your business.
Give a glimpse of developing projects and events.
Twitter users want the latest info - give it to them! Listen Use Twitter to listen for talk about your business, your industry and your products Ask Ask your followers questions. Gain an insight into what your customers want and show that you are listening Respond Receive glowing customer feedback? Say thank you in real time.
Heard a customer complain about your service? Take ownership of the problem publicly and be seen to resolve the issue. Reward Give your loyal followers discounts, special invites and other incentives to turn followers into customers Champion your stakeholders Be geniune By and large, Twitter users like interacting with real people. Be authentic but also be appropriate for your business Twitter was born around the concept of SMS Send the word "Start" to 86444 and follow the instructions to get started Fast Follow For those who just want to watch. Text "follow @username" to 86444 to receive texts from people you want to watch For those with a smartphone Blackberry iPhone Android Window mobile 7 Seesmic
Twitter for Windows Mobile Plume
....and Hootsuite Seesmic
Twitter for iPhone
Hootsuite UberSocial
Twitter for Blackberry
Hootsuite There has been big business successes... Such as DELL who made $3m from Twitter related sales in 2009 But small to medium sized businesses have flourished using Twitter too! @Love_Cakes "To be honest I was very skeptical at first - I couldn’t see any business benefit." "Everytime we post on our Twitter account we make money!" @filmextras “We have had a few orders from Twitter, where someone has asked for business data or contact names and this has been forwarded by a friend – adding my Twitter name to the end to alert me to the enquiry. It is then up to me to follow up, although I truly believe without a presence, these would be lost opportunities.” @BDPs "Actually, we've had quite a lot of business from it." Around 100 million monthly active users See what your competitors are up to
Find out what the future trends are in your industry
Listen to your customer's needs Announce news to interested audiences
Use your network to find new suppliers or partners
Spread blogs, videos and other content easily Old customers
Potential customers
Strategic partners Things to consider Tone of voice What tools to use? Don't be too salesy Tweetdeck Pros
Schedule tweets
Support multiple social networks Cons
No reporting facility
Requires download
Resource heavy Hootsuite Pros
Facility to repeat the same tweet
Free reports including Google analytics
Freemium - Free facility with option to upgrade Cons
Must pay to have more than 5 social media accounts
Steeper learning curve than Tweetdeck
User interface is less intuitive Sprout Social Pros
Manage multiple accounts including location services such as Foursquare or Gowalla
Detailed reports measure both engagement and influence
Discovery tools allow you to find influencers and new followers Cons
No free version
Facebook reports don't always correspond with Facebook Insights
Lack of depth in the reports Authencity- don't pretend to be something you are not. Choice of words - are you informal and jovial or corporate and rigid? Swearing - Does it give off the right impression of your business? Keywords - Try to use them in your tweets. People search Twitter so make yourself easily found People will unfollow if you only self-promote. Add value to your followers - give a little love. Before tweeting, ask yourself, "is this valuable?" Further reading http://business.twitter.com http://www.oneforty.com http://www.mashable.com Twitter Based Services Tweriod.com tracks when your followers are most commonly online so that you can time your tweets to achieve maximum impact percollate.com allows identification of key influencers for a brand or organisation. TwtQpon.com is an online coupon creator that lets you create simple Twitter coupons Shouldn't you be part of the conversation? Become an expert Break news, share your years of experience and become "that person" who people go to for advice and solutions Reply, retweet and celebrate your customers publicly. Make them feel good about choosing your business. If you don't have a computer or a smartphone, you can still tweet on the move. Then head to http://support.twitter.com/ for full SMS command details #Lincs - Lincolnshire Ages 13-17 4%
Ages 18-24 13%
Ages 25-34 30%
Ages 35-44 27%
Ages 45-54 17%
Ages 55+ 9%

52% women, 48% men Twellow.com Social media policy Promote The plan: What is Twitter
and why should
you use it? Twitter best practice Listening with Twitter What to say? Using Twitter on
the move Twitter business success Tools & applications www.tweetgrid.com http://socialmedia.policytool.net @ebizclub
#ebizsoc 23.8m registered accounts in the UK 90% of accounts follow at least one business http://search.twitter.com/advanced
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