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MWSC Year 7 English - Themes

No description

Matthew McDonald

on 18 December 2014

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Transcript of MWSC Year 7 English - Themes

THEMES Characters Setting Narrative What is a theme? Themes are the main ideas that an author is trying to explore through a text. Why do we need to know about themes? Themes are usually the most imporant parts of a book. Themes are what the book is all about - its meaning and its message. Without themes, a novel would have no heart, nothing to tie the different parts of the story together, and no real purpose. Longer novels will often have many themes. How do you identify themes? A theme is like a thread that has been woven through a piece of fabric - it ties everything together. A theme will be some sort of concept, idea or lesson that the author is trying to explore. However, the theme probably won't be immediately apparent - you will need to read between the lines. Brainstorm as many different themes as you can. Think of 1 word that sums up the book. Turn that word into a statement. This will be a theme! Before you start looking for themes, you will need to know about the other aspects of the story: characters, setting and plot. The Pig of Happiness Good vs Evil Friendship Death Love Adolescence Positive Thinking Happiness "Be the change that you want to see in the world." Ask yourself: What is the author trying to explore? Why are they doing this? What do they want us to think about? Humility Tolerance Sacrifice There was once a pig He was an ORDINARY PIG in all ways But one thing did SET him APART This thing was his DISTASTE for the MUMBLING and GRUMBLING that is the Natural Way with pigs. I shall see the BEST in EVERYONE and the BEST in EVERYTHING And so it was that it began to LEAK and SEEP from inside him into all the OTHER pigs Now ALL the pigs are HAPPY And their HAPPINESS is beginning to show signs of LEAKING too The SHEEP are LAUGHING Even the CHICKENS are beginning to SMILE by Edward Monkton What are some of the THEMES of
'The Pig of Happiness'? Sometimes a theme might revolve around an ISSUE, such as 'racism' or 'poverty'. Sometimes a theme might be based on an EMOTION or IDEA, such as 'love', 'happiness' or 'courage'. Sometimes a theme might focus on RELATIONSHIPS, such as 'family' or 'friendship'. The theme may look at CONFLICT, or IDENTITY, or the meaning of certain things.......the possibilities are almost endless!
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