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Freak The Mighty

No description

on 27 November 2013

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Transcript of Freak The Mighty

Freak The Mighty By:
Rodman Philbrick

Prezi by: Kia Leverette

Character Analysis
Introduction of Theme
Appearances can be deceiving
Advancement of Theme
Kevin and Max work together against others' views
of them based on their looks.
Summary of Theme
Judgement stops us
from seeing the good
that lies behind appearances

In the exposition we find out the main characters ( Max & Freak). Exposition also includes setting which changes throughout the story but the main three places are the millpond,New Testaments(Loretta & Iggy's Apartment), and the hospital
Rising action is conflict, which happens throughout all the adventures of ''Freak the Mighty.''' Rising action is also complication , which is Kevin's hope of a new bionic body.
The climax is the turning point. This
is when Max remembers exactly what happened the night Killer Kane (Max's dad) killed Annie (Max's Mom). That leads to Killer Kane kidnapping Max and results into Kevin coming to the rescue.
The falling action occurs on Kevin's birthday when he has to go to the hospital because he had a seizure.
Resolution is basically just the end. At the end Gwen moves to California and Max picks up the blank book freak gave him and he begins to write the story of Freak the Mighty.
Freak the Mighty
''Don't judge a book ''
One example is when Kevin explains to Max why Loretta was so surprised when she saw him.
Once we over look their appearances you find out Kevin has a big brain and Max has a big heart. Also everyone judged Loretta and Iggy and they ended up helping Max.
Max looks just like his dad yet he acts
nothing like him and Kevin is a'' little guy with a
huge personality.'''
''It's more than just the way Maxwell resembles him{...} the boy is like him{...} you never know what he might do while we're sleeping.''(1.12)
''That's when I got my first look at Freak{...} looking sort of fierce is how i remember him.''(1.5)
''What she means is, you're a spitting image of your old man.''(5.35)
''Life is dangerous''(9.50)
Freak is simply explaining life can be dangerous.This is significant because it foreshadows Freak's Death.
''Nothing is a drag. Think about it.''(25.16)
This quote propels the action. I think Loretta is saying that just since
Kevin is gone Max's life isn't over. Max should be doing what he can with the time that he has. This is significant because after Max ''thought about it'' he picked up the blank book Freak left him and begins writing the story of Freak the Mighty.
''Remembering is a
great invention of the mind, and if you try hard enough you can remember anything, whether it really happened or not''(1.5)
This quote explains how you control your memories. You can create memories or you can dream/imagine anything. It's significant because it reveals an aspect of Max when he remembers exactly what his dad did.
''Pain is just a state of mind. You can think your way out of everything, even pain.''(9.48)
This quote proves that you can overcome anything; if you're mentally strong enough.
Max appears to look just like
his dad yet he treats people with respect and has a big heart.
Maxwell (Max) Kane
'' The young man is a genius{...} And I don't use that word lightly.''(15.28)
Kevin (Freak)
Gwen is a happy person in and out. She first was nervous/scared of Max. Once she realizes that Max is nothing like his dad she becomes no longer scared/nervous around him; and she quickly apologizes for that. She also does her absolutely best for Kevin.
Grim & Gram
Every time they look at Max they are reminded of Killer Kane. Despite that they love him very much.
I feel like since
Freak knows he's dying that he lives each day like it's his last
Freak plays a major role in falling action
This quote relates to my life because
I believe that anything can happen at anytime.
'' I like it in the down under, got the place all to myself{...}(2.1)
Freak and Max do a lot for each other. They act just like a unit; Freak being the brain and Max being the rest of the body. Together ''walking high above the world.''
''We're Freak the Mighty, that's who we are.''(7.44)
''It all goes to show, like Grim always says, you can't always judge a book by the cover.''(21.7)
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