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Copy of DTAL - Empathy Map template

Template to create your empathy map - SAVE A COPY, then EDIT it

Balakumar Rajaram

on 6 August 2013

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Transcript of Copy of DTAL - Empathy Map template

Teachers play a major role in School/College.
Makes notes here about all the things that surprised you from the interview, and those that challenged the assumptions you had.
Aimlessly studied every subject in school.
Biology was my favorite subject in school and I hated chemistry only because of the teachers.
I chose Comp Sci then because I like computer games and also because of job prospects.
In high school academically weaker students chose commerce and business related subjects, while the stronger ones choose comp sci or biology.
I loved taking part in extra curricular activities during School days, which continues even now. I don't think I like my work in computer programming anymore but I am still happy because of my interests in other activities.
Now I think I should start up some business because that will give me more freedom to explore, learn and be a boss! But I still feel that my decision to take up engineering was a right decision. I met like minded people in college.
I met my best friends in school.
School was heaven.
Indian education system has given me a very strong school education. But, only after certain crucial learning do we realize that we should do something else.
I wanna revolutionize the world but don't know how!
Students choose their high school subjects not based on interests but based on marks. Narrows down their options in University.
The education system should help mold a student's life based on his interests and not on marks.
A student's interests in extra curricular activities during helps him/her to stay happy and satisfied even if his/her work life is boring.
Educational institutions help people meet like minded people.
Could have identified my area of interests much earlier in life!
My current work gives me money but not happiness.
I'd have sucked without good friends and good hobbies.
I have the potential to make a difference.
Education system does not help everyone to realize their potential.
A passionate, energetic, smart, goal oriented, and confused guy
a better and quicker way to realize his dreams of becoming a happy rich man and not following the current career path
his education has helped him to find a boring job with a very good remuneration but hasn't shown him the right way to chase his dreams.
I should change my career path asap.
I thought this guy loved his job!
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