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Stolen Children

No description

colleen Waldron

on 16 September 2014

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Transcript of Stolen Children

By: Evan Waldron
Period 6

Stolen Children
By: Peg Kehret

Plot Summary
Amy: Kendra's babysitter who has been kidnapped by Smokey and Hugh
Kendra: A 3 year old who has been kidnapped by Smokey and Hugh
Smokey: One of the kidnappers
Hugh: Other kidnapper
Setting: Currently Amy and Kendra have been taken to a old run down cabin in the middle of the woods.
Amy had a normal life until her dad died. To honor her dads last words Amy took on babysitting. Little does she know it is going to turn out to be more of a challenge then she thought.
The conflict is Amy and Kendra are being kidnapped by Smokey and Hugh because the kidnappers want money from Kendra's rich parents.
Rising Action
The rising action is when Amy and Kendra are being kidnapped during the babysitting.
The climax is when Amy gives clues to her friend when the kidnappers film her. This is the climax because if her friend understands then the police might rescue Amy and Kendra.
Falling Action
In this book there is not much falling action because it is mostly causing you to ask yourself whats next, but a part would be when the kidnappers where showing Amy and Kendra around the old rundown cabin
In Stolen Children the main characters are kidnapped. From here they are brought to a remote cabin in the middle of the forest. With nobody knowing where they are they must find a way to save themselves. One of there plan's involve using clues in a video being sent everyday to the girls parents. The question is though will their friends and family understand what they are trying to say.
Amy one of the main characters from Stolen Children has been through a lot, but none of it prepared her for 2 people kidnapping her and Kendra( the child she is babysitting). In this story 2 people have been kidnapped and are now being held hostage at a remote cabin. The police are looking everywhere, but there is no trace of the kidnappers. While the parents worry, Amy and Kendra try to figure out a way to escape. Amy comes up with a plan. The plan is to use a code that her best friend should know. Not knowing if it worked she thinks of other codes her and her friend know. Not long after though Hugh was sleeping and Smokey was in town so they tried to escape the question is though do they make it or not and will there be other attempts if they get caught?

I rate Stolen Children a 10/10 because it keeps you wanting to know more. Also, with Amy's clues you just have to keep reading to find out if they work or not.
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