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Create an Innovator's culture with Hopscotch

No description

Diane Boulanger

on 4 April 2016

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Transcript of Create an Innovator's culture with Hopscotch

Create an Innovator's
culture with Hopscotch

Slickjudge on Hopscotch

Why Learn Coding?
Hopscotch Environment
Paris 2015
Hour of Code
Genius Hour
Curriculum Expectations
Change the Nature of Homework
How Many Administrators
Offer Coding in their School?
Vision: passion
Crop Failure Due to Climate Change
Helped Trigger the Syrian Civil War
2015 - Proceedings of the National Academy of Science
What problems do you think require our attention?
Tony Wagner
My favorite animal is
loosing his habitat
Vision: games
Vision with a goal
Old image: Canada as a
country with resources
Culture: Trials and errors
Culture: team work
Culture: create real products for
an authentic audience
Culture: project-based learning
Sharing student's work
Culture: intrinsic motivation
Learning 24/7
Mathematics is fun
Make a difference in the world
Culture: study real problems
Culture: study real problems
Critical Thinking
What is the best way to learn?
Computer science is not only
learning how to code
1- Understand the problem

2- Analyse the problem

3- System design

4- Programming

5- Documentation

6- Promotion
How do we develop systems?
New image:
Canada as a green country
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