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Reported Speech - exercises



on 5 March 2015

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Transcript of Reported Speech - exercises

Reporting sentences
reporting questions
Image by Tom Mooring
Reported Speech - exercises
reporting commands, suggestions, advice, etc
1. “I’m going out now, but I’ll be in by nine,” he said.
2. “I can’t live on my basic salary,” said Peter.
3. “I have missed my train,” said Bill
4. “I hate getting up on dark mornings,” said Peter.
5. “I usually take my dog out for a walk when I come home from work,” he said.
6. “I bought this bag in Milan,” I said.
7. “ I must hurry. My father gets angry if we are late for lunch”
8. “I’ve been working in the same job for 20 years,” he said.
1. “How much do you think it will cost?” he said.
2. “Do you want to see the cathedral?” said the guide
3. “Who did you give the money to?” asked Ann.
4. “ Did you sleep well?” asked my hostess
5. “Are there any letter for me?” said Jane
6. “Have you been here long?” the other students asked him
7. “Which one do you want?” he asked her.
1. “I want to know where you’ve been!”
2. “I’m terribly sorry I’m late”
3. “I’ll carry that case for you if you like”
4. “We lost the match because you didn’t save the penalty.”
5. “It was you who ate my chocolate, Elvira, wasn’t it?
6. “Don’t touch the switch. It is dangerous.”
7. “Would you like to come round for a drink after work?”
8. .-“Well, I’m not washing up. I did it last time.”
9. “Well, if I were you, I’d see a doctor about it”
10. “It was very kind of you to look after the baby for me. I’m very grateful”
11. “We’ve decided to get married.”
12. “Well, why don’t we go by train?”
13. “Remember to buy some bread on your way home”
14. “I really will pay you back tomorrow. Honestly!”
15. “All right, I was breaking the speed limit”
16. “If you don’t stop doing that immediately, I’ll tell your father!”
17. “Yes, you are right. It’s difficult.”
Decide which would be the most suitable verb from the list on the left to report each of the following sentences.
1. He said, “Don’t walk on the ice, it isn’t safe.”
2. “Here’s twenty pence. Go and get yourself an ice-cream,” I said to my niece.
3. “Have a cigarette,” he said. “No, thanks,” I replied.
4. “Don’t believe everything you hear,” he said to me.
5. “Could you come to dinner tomorrow night?” he asked.”Thanks very much; I’d love to.”
6. “Always cook with butter,” said her mother, “never use margarine.”
7. “Why aren’t you taking the exams?” said Paul.
8. “What about going for a swim?” he said. “It’s quite fine now.”
9. “You’ve got lots of parcels,” he said. “Shall I carry some of them for you?”
10. “Go on –apply for the job, said my friend.
11. “Remember to book a table,” said his wife.
12. “Why don’t you tie it at the top?” I said. “It’s much safer that way.”
13. “Please don’t drink any more,” said his wife. “Don’t forget that we have to drive home.”
14. “Could I have some more pudding, please?” said the boy.
15. “I’m sorry I caused so much noise.” Louise said.
16. “I’ll do the washing up” Tracy said.
17. “Yes, we made a mistake,” the travel agent said.
18. “Don’t go out without your keys,” said my wife.
19. “The soup is cold again,” said Mr to Mrs Jones.
20. “Yes, I broke the window with my catapult,” the boy said.
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