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Coke, Tea, Water and Cream Soda Science Project

No description

Dev Gopalan

on 10 May 2015

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Transcript of Coke, Tea, Water and Cream Soda Science Project

How do different liquids affect the rate of which plant grows faster.
I predict that the tea will grow the fastest because it has the most nutrition for the seeds and the plants.
Fair Testing
This experiment is a fair test because there is only 1 changed variable, which is that each plant is going to be watered with a different drink. There are many fixed variables in this test. The fixed variables are, the plants will be watered with the same amount of liquid, each pot will have the same number of seeds, each plant will be placed in the same place, receiving the same amount of sunlight, each pot has the same kind, and the same amount of soil and each pot of soil will have the same kind, and the same number of seeds
100 bean sprout seeds, 1 can of Coke, 1 bottle of tea, 1 bottle of Water, 1 bottle of Cream soda, soil, 4 plant pots, measuring cylinder and 4 plates.
Results and Observations
Coke, Tea, Water and Cream Soda Science Experiment

1. I chose green gram seeds that turn into bean sprouts.
2. I soaked the seeds overnight in water, then I put them on a wet cloth until they started sprouting.
3. I chose 4 disposable pots of the same size and poked holes trough the pots because when I water the plants, the extra water will go trough the holes.
4. I put the same amount of soil in each pot and the same amount of seeds (25 seeds) and put the pots on a plate and I labeled each plate separately. (Coke, Tea, Water and Cream Soda)
5. Each morning at 7 am I watered the plants (40 ml) with each drink in the specific pot.
6. Every 2, days I took a picture of each plant to see how much each one was growing
Coke, Tea, Water and Cream Soda Science Experimen
Thank You For Watching!
By Dev

The growth of my bean sprout plants watered with tea and water was excellent because they were the top two drinks that nourished the plant in a good way! The result of the Coke and the Cream Soda was not good because they were the drinks that affected the plant in a bad way! I saw that the plants watered with tea and water were tilting towards the sun because they needed a lot of sunlight to help it grow.
This drink affected the plant growth the best because it has the most nutrition in it. This plant has the biggest leaves and it also looked the healthiest This drink did not have any bugs on it!
This drink affected the plant growth the second best. I found out that the leaves of this drink were smaller than the ones of the plant watered with tea. There was also no bugs on this plant!
This drink didn't affect the plant growth that well because it didn't have a lot of nutrition and maybe too much sugar. In the beginning, It started growing really well, but after sometime it started growing super slowly and it began rotting and developed fungus on the soil. Towards the end, this plant had fruit flies on it! I also had to throw this plant away because our whole house got filled with fruit flies
Cream Soda
This drink affected the plant the worst because it had the most sugar and it had very little nutrition. The plant didn't
even grow a tiny bit! It also had fungus on the soil. The plant was also attracting fruit flies. We had to throw this plant away also because of the fruit flies
Pics for Tea
Day 1
Day 2
Day 4
Day 6
Day 12
Day 16
Pics for water
Day 1
Day 2
Day 4
Day 6
Day 12
Day 14
Day 16
Pics for coke
Day 1
Day 2
Day 4
Day 6
Day 9
Day 9
Day 9
Day 12
Pics for Cream Soda
Day 1
Day 2
Day 4
Day 6
Day 9
Day 12
Overall in this experiment, I found out some new facts about my plants like: Tea provides nourishment for the plant, tea was better for the growth of the plants more than water, the Coke plant was still growing even if it had fungus on it. Finally I found out that when you put the plants in the shade, their stems will bend and try to reach sunlight so they can grow faster.
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