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Kill You Last

No description

Brittney Koberstein

on 26 April 2013

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Transcript of Kill You Last

Todd Strasser Kill You Last Setting Characters Primary Conflict I Need to Believe
by Maria Luisa Taylor Point of View Theme Statement Structure of Novel This book was set in Soundview, NY. Its more set in the present time. Shelby Sloan - main character, teenager
Kirby Sloan - Shelby's dad, photographer
-Gabriel - works for Kirby
-Janet - office manager for Kirby
-Mercedes - employee for kirby
Roman - Shelby's best friend
Whit - aspiring journalist looking for the truth Person vs Society: It's basically Kirby's words against everyone elses. This story is told in first person from Shelby's point of view and the struggles she faces while trying to find the truth about how her father is involved with these young aspiring models. Life isn't what it seems. This novel is written in a standard form. Throughout the novel it is told by the same person and has no graphics or part script format. The truth cleans your mind
Truth refreshes
Truth is solid
Truth is beauty, beauty is truth

The truth will stand when all,
else falls.
Truth is never broke or hurt
Truth is being honest with one another
Lie... People say lies in order to cover
The Truth.

What is truth?
Truth is Hard
I need to believed the truth in your words.
I need to believe. April 2009
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