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Italo-Turkish War

No description

Andrew Lee

on 29 April 2011

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Transcript of Italo-Turkish War

ITALO TURKISH WAR September 29, 1911 October 18, 1912 Libyan War Ottoman Empire Kingdom Of Italy War of aggression launched
by Italy against Turkey, with
the goal of conquering Libya.
Aerial Attacks Significances of Battle Although the Italo-Turkish war is not
a well-known battle, it was the
foundation for aerial attacks in war history. By far, the most significant thing
that happened during this war was
the use of airplanes and airships.
Because the Turks were hiding in
cities in the mainland, the Italians
came up with the idea to drop
bombs on the enemy camps. The
only way they could do this was to
use Dirigbile Ships. These were
considered "lighter-than-air
aircrafts." Pilots steered these through
the sky using rudders and propellers. Italian Victory With the Italians winning the
battle, they gained control over
the provinces of Tripolitania,
Fezzan, and Cyrenaica. These
provinces joined together and
formed the current country of
Libya. The problem was that in
the Treaty of Ouchy, it stated
that the Italian troops would
have to leave within the next
year. Nontheless, Italian troops
stayed on the islands until they
were driven out in 1943. VS. History was made on November 1,
1911 when Guilio Gevotti dropped
bombs on nearby turkish camps. This
marked the first time in history that an
aircraft was used for an attack. Treaty of Lausanne Another significant point
is the Treaty between Italy
and the Turks. It was
called the Treaty of
Lausanne. The deal was
made on October 12, 1912
in Ouchy, near Lausanne. Ottomans withdraw military personnel from Libya, Italians
give back 12 Agean Islands to the Turks. Before the appointment of Libya, the Ottomans must
consult the Italian government. The Ottoman government would be in control of all the
expenses toward the country of Libya. Conclusion: This war, even though it was only just over a year
long, had a big significance on modern warfare.
Without this war, there might have never been
such a thing as "Aircraft Warfare." It was not
well known, but the Italo-Turkish War will
always be remembered as the battle that created
the first ever Aerial Attack in recorded history.
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