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WELCOME BACK!!!! (finally)

No description

Katie Robertson

on 10 September 2015

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Transcript of WELCOME BACK!!!! (finally)

Mission #1:
You have 5 minutes to:
Make a connection!
How are your chosen nouns like

For example:
Taylor Swift is like space because she is out of this world as a musician!


Crash (of Crash and Bernstein) is like space because
he looks like an alien! Which makes me wonder if there's other life out there....

Be prepared to share!
Mission #2
Your mission is to come up with a name for your class as well as a logo.

Step 1: Brainstorm and write down as many space-related names you can think of. (3 minutes)

Step 2: Compare your lists with your group members. Cross off any names that you ALL wrote down. (this will narrow your list and make our name more ORIGINAL!) (3 minutes)

Step 3: Make a decision. What is your recommendation for our class name? (4 minutes)
Step 4: Design a logo for your group's decision. This must meet our check-list standards.
WELCOME BACK!!!! (finally)
In your group, decide upon 3 nouns (person, place,
thing, or idea).
Write your nouns in the 3 spaces on your chart
You may illustrate if you have time
Let's VOTE!

We will use the checklist and vote on our favorite name and logo. In case of a tie, both names will be put into a "hat" and we will randomly pick one winner.
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