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DR. Georgene H. Seward

No description

Esther Garcia

on 30 March 2015

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Transcript of DR. Georgene H. Seward

Dr. Georgene Hoffman Seward was a zealous supporter of women.

She focused her life's work on minimizing sexual differences between men and women.

She also revealed women's struggle as a minority group.
She completed her Bachelors degree with a major in Psychology at Barnard College in 1922

She pursued her graduate studies at Columbia University.

At Columbia University she met her and married Dr. John Perry Seward.
Career in Academia
Dr. Seward taught at various colleges until 1937 while her husband was teaching at
Columbia University.

In 1937 Both her and her husband took positions as directors of the Psychology Department at Connecticut College
Signs of Discrimination
Throughout her career Dr. Seward was denied promotions and job opportunities in favor of men.
Career in Research
After acquiring their Doctorates Dr. Seward and her husband associated themselves with the developer of the Pap test, G. N. Papanicolaou.

This professional relationship and her personal struggle with sexual discrimination greatly influenced her first major work, a book she wrote in 1946 titled: Sex and the Social Order.
Dr. Seward was born in Washington, DC, on January 21, 1902.

After the death of her mother she moved to New York to be raised by her grandparents.
Dr. Georgene H. Seward

By: Esther Garcia
Sex and the Social Order (1946)
This was book was a study conducted by Dr. Seward in which she was able to show that women’s menstrual cycle has no impact on their working and professional capabilities.
Professional Career
In addition to her teaching duties and her research projects, Dr Seward opened a private practice.

She also provided her clinical services at various hospitals including the Veterans Administration Hospital.
Clinical Studies in Culture Conflict (1958)
Research Studies
This study explored neurotic tendencies and the
stress induced by being a member of a minority group.
Dr. Seward's Legacy

Dr. Seward died in 1992 after completely revolutionizing women's role in the workplace.

She dedicated her entire professional career to empower and encourage women to take an equal and active stand in the workplace and the world.
Held, L. (2010). Georgene Seward Profile. Feminist Voices.

American Psychological Association (2011). Georgene Seward, PhD. American Psychological
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