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Arron Smith

on 16 November 2015

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Transcript of Marketing

What is Perception?
What is Marketing?
Class Activity
Brainstorm of what marketing means to you
How does perception relate to marketing?
Using marketing techniques
businesses attempt to
change your perception of their
So how does a business ensure its
marketing techniques are effective?
The Marketing Mix
Needs to be competitive
Pricing strategies?
This is process of 'communicating' with
your customers
A key part of the persuasion process:


Promotions - BOGOF etc.

Public Relations


Personal Selling
Ensuring the product is readily available

Selecting an appropriate outlet/distributor

Impact of ICT?
Target Market?
Product Range

Quality? Value for money


Does it meet customer needs?
Useful Link:
Using the marketing mix to launch a product
Your Task
In pairs:
Launch a new soft drink
Your Task
Load the 'task 1' worksheet from the o drive
in the folder called 'marketing'

Complete the task of reviewing each of the

This will allow us to see how effective
the marketing is for each company
Using the Marketing Mix to
review performance
We have now used the marketing mix to launch
new products, however the
4 P's can be used as an effective tool for analysing a products current or past performance.
Even after launching products businesses will refer to the marketing mix to ensure the product is still performing as it should.

Extension - Case Study
It can be used to change the way
a business operates if there is an area
that is underperfoming
Customer Needs
The studies we have completed show how important the marketing mix is to meeting the needs of our target market.

But how do we find out our customers needs?
Market Research
Market research is the process of finding
out information about both your market
and your customers.
List the main benefits market research
provides particularly to small businesses
You could have had:
Knowing customer needs -
helping to avoid wasting money
on products that will not sell
Estimating Demand - So the firm avoids
making to few or to many products
Profile your competition:
Types of market research
Primary -

Secondary -
otherwise known as 'desk research'. This method relies on gathering information that already exsists, either internally, such as previous sales information or externally, perhaps government figures or from trade associations
is information that has not previously exsisted before and is often obtained through field research such as interviewing people face to face, conducting surveys including surveys that are sent through the post.
How do we determine the correct price for our product?
How do make our target market aware of our product?

How do we attract new buyers?
How do we get the product to the customers?
How do we know what the customers want?
How well have companies done to instill their logo in to your brain?

Open the Photoshop file in the Y10 business folder and see if you can fill in the missing colours

Use the market research to spot an opportunity
Construct your own 4 P's diagram for your product using the template provided
Analysing the performance of

Alton Towers using the marketing mix
Use the template to review the performance of Alton Towers in each area of the 4'ps
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