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Using Prezi for Conference Presentations

A Graduate School Media Zoo workshop

Katie Fraser

on 8 February 2012

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Transcript of Using Prezi for Conference Presentations

Big Bigger Huge tiny Ideas keep growing and growing go into detail Show the big picture Enumerate your points One by one In a list Or show them all together Use pictures to show things Or hide things! Tips and tricks The Basics Using Prezi for conference presentations A Graduate School Media Zoo Workshop Learn about Prezi and how to use it
Discuss the pros/cons of using Prezi
Make your own Prezi www.le.ac.uk/gsmz Originally by Emma Kimberley, updated & presented by Katie Fraser prezi.com presentations
visual map
freemium Top tools for learning
28th in 2009
12th in 2010
7th in 2011 Getting an account take a close up To use or not to use? Size matters! Don't overdo the tricks It's easy to put in pointless effects ...and make Sparing use is more effective people feel disorientated! Better than powerpoint for:
Making an impact
Including images/video
Encouraging originality
Mapping content relationships
Involving the audience
Promoting discussion Not so good for: Practicalities Printing Making changes Adding/deleting slides Time Quicker to use ppt Quicker to make changes Structure ppt is 'safe' Complex material is more difficult to control Innovative presenters Nervous speakers 'Traditional' conference presenters People with no time Want to make it visually stimulating A good match? Less well suited... Willing to put effort into design What can I do with it? Collaborate In a nutshell 1. Make a mindmap 2. Plot a course through it 3. Show it to people Make presentations
Add images/videos/files
Store in private or public
Present online or offline
Show on your iPad
Use your own logo For free! With educational licence Work together in real time
Show your Prezi remotely
Up to 10 people in one Prezi For $59 Desktop version
Enhanced support
More storage Is it suitable for academic presentations? Mapping relationships The park is a good place to relax For conferences Accept that if your talk is linear, Prezi also has to be
Develop a clear narrative
Make it work for you
Use its potential for answering questions Use frames to see text or images in one view Framing Working with Prezi Insert images and videos Select colours and change theme Group things together Plot a path through your prezi Admire your handiwork! Images PDFs jpegs The Library is for studying Click anywhere and start writing Get started Create a Prezi
Experiment with editing
Have a Prezi meeting with your neighbour(s) or someone across the room http://www.slideshare.net/gradschoolmediazoo/things-to-do-on-prezi
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