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English Project

Duyen Van Period 1st

Duyen Van

on 12 April 2010

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Transcript of English Project

English Project Beneatha's hair represent insecurity The insurance check represent a new life, a new beginning, a opportunity and a breakthrough. Mama's Plant represent Life,Family, and Peace. The new home represent a new life, new beginning and also represent Walter's dream is shattered and it makes him seem less of a man. Ruth's Pregnancy represent stress Travis sleeps on the couch and wanted to be a bus driver. He likes to kill cochroaches. Walter is an acoholic, he want a liquior store and have no money Beneatha want to become a doctor, she have 2 guy liking her at the same time. Her hair is not natural. Ruth is pregnant and stress out. She clean other people's house. Mama have $10,000, she spoiled Travis and want her own garden The Raisin In The Sun
Lorraine Hansberry The setting for this book is Chicagos Southside The Raisin In The Sun is a book about an African american family's life about to change due to an insurance check. At this time, racial is still an issue and the Younger's family is going to move into a white neighboor which is very risky. But on the other hand, Walter, the man of the house wanted a liquior store and that is what stir up all the trouble.
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