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Engaging through Technology

Using free tools to enhance classroom practice

Web 2.0 Hawes Side

on 28 June 2011

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Transcript of Engaging through Technology

@mister_jim http://1m.hawes-side.net Primary Pad http://www.maloney.primarypad.com/1 Year 1 Teacher
& ICT Leader
Hawes Side Primary
Blackpool James Maloney Engaging through technology Small Steps to Big Improvements. What is Primary Pad? Best way to explain it is to show you. Effective in
classroom situations..? Task: To compile adjectives Using PrimaryPad, compile a list
of adjectives that describe the

You should try to write at least
one adjective in each section. X-Curricular Child focused Engaging Quick Specific Purposeful The Result.... Learning Logs What are they? A resource off
the TES Forum
http://www.tes.co.uk dull, dull, dull Creative, expansive & innovative curriculum incorporating a range of experiences Closed, prescriptive tasks Increased enjoyment
for teachers, pupils
and parents. Open-ended Celebratory creative enjoyable individual Examples can be found at

Help yourselves. What it is &
What it adds window into the classroom engaging with parents extending learning opportunities showcase good work personalised learning space Why do it? Children get a lot out of it Using technology in context Enabling them to develop across all subjects Web2.0 Tools for the Classroom HUGE variety of FREE resources Lots of creative approaches to simple tasks Focus on 3 1. CPD for FREE - www.twitter.com 2. Communication - www.Voicethread.com 3. Assessment made easy - www.wallwisher.com For a more comprehensive list of
Web2.0 tools, go to
http://1m.hawes-side.net/mr-m Context Tool for developing
classroom practice Tool for raising
standards Tool for increasing
parental engagement http://1m.hawes-side.net http://tiny.cc/Maloney Task: To evaluate the effectiveness of this session. http://www.wallwisher.com/wall/c4l2010 Leave me a note saying one thing you've learnt
about today that you could include in your
lessons tomorrow. http://www.hawes-side.org.uk Parental Engagement We wanted to link the work with tech in school,
with the kids' work at home. Parent workshops
using Photostory3 Wasn't groundbreaking
tech, but was a
catalyst for learning
& consolidation Share the skills
with the parents

Add to children's
development A new way of sharing You already have
a massive resource
in the staff at your
school. Through sharing
one good thing,
Everyone learns
something new. On your tables,
Share one good
thing with
your colleagues They will value it. I promise. Task: To create a
Learning Log On your table,
create an open-ended task
that fits into your work this

It can be as left-field as you like,
as long as it's open-ended.
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