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Car Insurance

No description

Chance Williams

on 1 November 2017

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Transcript of Car Insurance

Why do you need insurance
more than 6 million car accidents happen in the U.S. each year on average.

Now imagine a world without car insurance evertime you take your car for a spin, your basically risking your bank account or some of your assets. The average property damage of a car accident is $9,300 not including disabling injuries which average about $80,700 per crash.

A car insurance policy protects your finances from these unexpected expenses. our car insurance can help protect you and your assets from liability lawsuits through your policy's liability coverage.
Its the law
Without car insurance you will be heavily fined and can have your licence suspended.
We save your time
With our car insurance we can help you through the unpleasant post-accident process. We help you find a great repair shop, and get your claim settled quickly and fairly.
We supplement health insurance
The Wokers Car Insurance
If your injured in a car accident, and have insufficient health insurance, or none at all, our car insurance will cover injuries you sustain as a driver or passenger.
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