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New Data for Bicycling Research

Workshop held at the NYU Rudin Center for Transportation Policy and Management on March 10, 2013

Anthony Townsend

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of New Data for Bicycling Research

New Data for Bicycling Research Crowdsourcing, DIY Sensing & Apps Overview & Agenda Participants What Kinds of Data on Cycling Do We Need? Final Thoughts: Questions, Issues, Next Steps March 12, 2013 Crowdsourcing and inclusion
How do we get a full citywide count?
Too much focus on Citibike?
2 wheel alliance with motorcyclists
Need for real-time data and visualization
Building outreach
Role of 311 for pull data/push advisories
Complaints vs cyclists
Who pays?
Ethics & human subjects issues
Cheaper sensors cyclist demographics: who is riding? what are the differences between men and women cyclists? why a bike rather than mass transit?
why a bike rather than a car? what are NYC's bike ownership rates by location? by demographics? where are the names and emails of the people interested in learning to ride bikes cyclist demographics: who is riding? what is the rate of adoption? what makes new bike commuters start to bike? what % or journeys are on bike lanes? bike share routes vs. bike network where do people ride? where do they want to ride? how many people are starting or re-starting biking with citibike? what is the mode share by street segment? how many people will buy bikes after bike share opens? 24-hour cycle counts by street segment which cycle lanes are not being used? what are the preferences around bike facilities? origin and destination data cyclists daily mileage logs lidar of street surface wheel signature of smart pod motionloft.com surreptitiously install trackers on parked bikes commercial delivery trip logs rental + bike shops--can we get data through credit card companies? or maybe through mint.com? can we track bike sales through online auctions? (e-bay, craigslist, etc.) where are bikes stored? SMS check-ins/advice for new riders national bike count days? (partner with Alta?) count bikes at rest? (parked by buildings, etc.) where are bikes being parked? crash data based on mode/cause crash data by gender where is the free, indoor bike parking? twitter tracking new riders surveys at citibike check out? story-corps like booths o share cycling stories % restaurant sales done by bike delivery bike theft data traffic counters and mechanical turk spatial heat-map, GIS dataset bike rack canvasing bike "intercept" surveys DOH & health surveys open source hardware & sensors perceived dangerous or challenging segments where do cyclists spend $ while cycling? how can we gather feedback on design elements that make a city safer? locations of cycling habitat fragmentation what are the restaurant delivery zones? what is the health insurance status of those who cycle for work? NYPD bike enforcement--realtime freight tricycle usage structured, qualitative rating of route or route segment perception of safety on various facilities google-maps street view apps for bike shops & commercial locations crowd-sourced mapping: gets data & builds community patterns of usage that suggest better, safer ways of designing streets surface quality of bike routes locations of near-misses and close calls loaner bikes for visitors was your bike new or used when you got it? bike tire and accessory sales data locations of air-pumps mode shift toward bicycles bike peer-networks (online, cycle clubs, etc.) perception of bicycles and bicyclists health of bike riders over time bikes on transit How Do We Get It?
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