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ACE: Short Answer Responses

No description

Nicole Spaeth

on 3 May 2016

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Transcript of ACE: Short Answer Responses

ACE: Short Answer Responses
1. Answer the question in your own words.

2. Your first sentence should re-state the question: RECYCLE THE PROMPT!

3. Don't forget to include the "why" or "how" when you answer the question in your own words.
Cite Evidence
1. Introduce evidence:
*According to the text..
*In the book, Max says...
*In chapter 7, there is an example of their friendship growing:...

2. Choose one or two sentences from the text to support or demonstrate an example of your answer.

3. Put quotations around your evidence. Put the page number in parentheses at the end.

Ex: In the book, Max says, "Man, that little dude really hates me" (9).
Explain your connection
1. After you cite your text evidence, make sure you explain WHY you chose that piece of evidence to support your answer.

2. OR explain how your piece of text evidence connects to your answer. Is it an example? How so?

3. ALWAYS assume your reader (or teacher) cannot read your mind!
Help your reader navigate your thoughts about why you chose your text evidence to support your answer.
Read the question carefully!
Before you answer a question, make sure you KNOW what it's asking...
Use the question for clues:
Is it asking you to
take a stand
? (Agree, disagree)
Does it already say something is true, but it wants to know
you know it is true?
Is it asking you to make an
? (Read between the lines)
Does it want an
to respond:
ite evidence,
xplain connection
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