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How to Succeed in an Online Class

No description

Megan Kinney

on 3 February 2014

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Transcript of How to Succeed in an Online Class

How to Succeed in an Online Class
Make a plan!
In a normal class, you may remember that you need to bring X, Y, and Z with you to class. Online, this is harder to remember!

Plan out how you will complete the work.
Which days do you need to be on campus?

Do you have access to a computer?
What will you do when your computer/access breaks down?

Do you have a calendar? Do you have online reminders?

Are you a visual/auditory/etc learner?
Most online classes are HEAVILY based in reading. If you are not comfortable with reading for long periods of time on the computer, leave time! Leave time for comprehension, taking breaks, taking notes, etc.
Leave time to learn how to use the tools WITHIN the system.
You don't want the system to be what keeps you down!

How to email your professor in D2L

How to set reminders in D2L

How to upload files
Learn which tools you need OUTSIDE the system.
You don't want to keep all your eggs in one basket.


Contacting your professor outside the system.

Saving a copy in the cloud.
Your teacher won't know if you are having trouble! No quizzical eyebrows, no unhappy faces, no ability to read your anxiety.

Reach out RIGHT AWAY if you are having trouble!

Create a community with your online peers!
What skills do you need to be successful in an online class?

Learn some
study skill tips,
basic use of Desire2Learn (if your class uses it),
how to upload a document to a course "drop-box,"
how to attach a document to an email
& more.
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