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Group Presentation 3

Preston College Ethos and Culture Group presentation

Beatrice Graham

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Group Presentation 3

…aim to improve students to reach for the stars
…to achieve full potential
..a step stone to a great new future
…gain qualifications for University entry or develop skills to impress future employers

Foreword by Principal Willie Mills
PC student handboook-09/10
PC role today is to help the people of Preston protect themselves against the economic downturn and build a host of skills to enable them to thrive when the economy recovers.

Actively encourage students to aspire towards achieving great things.

Celebrating achievements is central and every opportunity is taken to showcase our students’ successes.

Source-Annual Report 2008/09s Ethos and culture @ Preston College Equal opportunities & Race equality general duty based on Race Relations Ammendment Act (2000)RAAA

‘PC seeks to provide equality of opportunity in a way which values people as individuals and treats them with respect and dignity and in line with the Disability Discrimination Act (PC Prospectus 09/10)

Others policies include Health and Safety, Safe guarding learners, Anti-bullying, Tutorial policies, attendance and punctuality etc
Code of conduct to guide the standards of behaviour and students disciplinary policy.

Pick your future……
Be who you want to be…..
Over 400 career & leisure courses to choose from

‘Being a student at PC will open the door to new opportunities and challenges’

PC Prospectus front cover The Ofsted Report recognised that the College had many key strengths such as high pass rates, good support for learners, staff development and social inclusion, as well as an extensive range of external links and a clear strategic direction.

A huge amount of effort has gone into ensuring the provision meets the need of employers. Full-time students develop skills that make them excellent recruits for local businesses, while employers look to the College to train their existing workforce in new skills.

The College is a key player in economic regeneration and development. According to the 4 functions of culture-PC succeed in providing a common language, criteria for inclusion and exclusion, success and failure and social guidelines.

Summary PC has a vibrant and wide range enrichment programme to gain new skills, pursue hobbies, experience new culture, meet new people and make most of their time.

Opportunity to access all these activities at the annual enrichment fair held in the first week at College

Preston College student triumphs with Skillbuild success, which is organised by Construction Skills, the Sector Skills Council for SkillBuild on 22nd April 2009 at Preston College.

Vocational Qualifications achievements day 2009- PC toasted the success of their vocational students with a celebration on 24/06/2009
A student survey questionnaire-based on NSS
Small scale (two of my groups) Skills for Life academy
-not taken seriously by some- same scores entered for all areas, not a true representation.
Interpretation of the figures-generally students were positive about their college experience (rated between 3 and 5 in most cases)
Areas rated as 3 interpreted as low.
Communication adequate, advice on exam criteria, specialised resources, some teaching not made interesting. 3Widening Participation Preston College Mission 2Preston College role and student success 9 Ofsted say about Preston College... 8 Learner Enrichment 1 Preston College targets 5 Case study ‘The culture of a college is the key to successful improvement … ’

(Hopkins, Ainscow and West , 1994) 10 Mission Statement 6 Links to Policies 4 Groups & Backgrounds
3 different groups sub-cultures- a Construction Pathways Diploma, Business Pathways Diploma and a Pre-Pathways Work and Social Skills group.

Catchment area for these learners local Preston and surrounding areas low to middle income - some with Additional Learning Needs recruited from local Special schools.

Ethos and culture - different Pre-pathways with no formal exams - attendance is key - EMA motivation slow paced -low ability
process based social and confidence skills to enable function in work and society

The Pathways groups - do exams & continue to higher levels
product based for exam success and vocational work.
7 6ECM/Inclusion PC is committed to promoting Student Health and Wellbeing – support the ‘Be Healthy’ strand of ECM and a Health and Safety policy.
Safeguarding learners policy and procedures-under current legislature for young people under 18.
Extensive students services, additional support teams and tutorial programmes.
All learners have an LCM responsible for supporting their progress and welfare.
Student union-students voice
Supportive and vibrant venues-Libraries and learning centres- including E-learning
to become a
Truly Outstanding College by 2012 Are we there yet? PC Aim The College’s report on highlights from the academic year 2008/9.
Performance on all fronts was more than satisfactory, and consistent with the vision we have of
becoming a truly outstanding college by 2012.

Through the efforts of staff in inspiring learners, student success rates on courses at all levels increased.

Links with local schools have been strengthened by collaborative work in developing new Diploma courses for 14-19 year olds.


Whilst our recruitment targets for 2008/09 were challenging, the performance of our employer responsive audience and 16-18 year old school leavers audience was strong.
However, the adult learners market continues to be a challenge in the current economic climate. With potential learners researching their best options for training, we have seen great success in our Train to Gain provision.
Preston College aims to develop provision that meets the needs of the community.

Annual Report 2008/09 Preston College is committed to providing the opportunity to achieve the nationally accredited key Skills in English , Maths, ICT, and Wider Key Skills in line with the vision of the Leitch report (2007) 'to become a world leader in skills by 2020' The Skills for Life and Additional Needs Department Literacy Inspire Learners to develop skills, knowledge and understanding that will contribute to a successful economy and society Summary
A lot evidently happening interms of culture and ethos at Preston College. It has a Cultural Hierachy of values, moral and ethical working codes guide for people in certain situations influences thoughts and behaviour Schein (1985)
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