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Absolute Monarchy England

No description

Dion Spann

on 1 October 2014

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Transcript of Absolute Monarchy England

Absolute Monarchy in England
By: Dion Spann
The closing end of the 15th century was period of especially difficult political trial.
After the Hundred Years' War, civil warfare broke out between two feuding families
The House of York
The House of Lancaster
The war of the Roses kept England in uncertainty from 1455to 1485
The Duke of York challenged the Lancastrian monarchy of Henry VI
In 1461, Edward IV, son of the Duke of York; gained control and began a strong army rule that lasted more than 20 years
King Henry IV's brother Richard III Usurped the throne from Edward's son

After Richard's death, the new Tudor dynasty portrayed him as an unprincipled villain who had also murdered Edward's son in the Tower of London to secure his hold on the throne .
Richard's reign saw the growth of the exiled Lancastrian Henry Tudor
Henry Tudor returned to England to defeat Richard on Bossworth in 1485
Henry Tudor Ruled as Henry VII (1483-1485),
the first of the new Tudor dynasty that would dominate England throughout the sixteenth century
To bring the feuding royal families together and to make the hereditary claim of his offspring to the throne..
Henry Married Edward IV's daughter, Elizabeth of York.
He succeeded in disciplining the english nobility through a special instrument of the royal will known as the Court of Star Chamber
Created with the sanction of Parliament in 1487, the court was intended to end to end perversion of english justice by "over-mighty subjects,"
Powerful nobles who used intimidation and bribery to win favorable verdicts in court cases
In the court of Star Chamber,
the king's councilors sat as judges.
Such tactics did not sway them, the result was a more equitable court system
Henry shrewdly used English law to further the ends of the monarchy
He managed too confiscate lands and fortunes of nobles with such success that he was able to govern without dependenceon parliament for royal funds,
Henry began to shape a monarchy that would soon be one of the early most exemplary governments during the reign of his granddaughter Elizabeth I
Learning Objectives
What was the dutch golden age and what led to its decline?
What factors led to different political paths and taken by England and France in the seventeenth century
how did conflicts over taxation and religion lead to civil war in Stuart England?
Why were efforts to establish absolute monarchy successful in France but unsuccessful in England ?
What were the main characteristics that defined the Polish, Austrian, Prussian states in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries?
How did Peter the Great transform Russian inot a powerful centralized nation
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