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Copy of To Kill A Mockingbird

No description

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of Copy of To Kill A Mockingbird

To Kill A Mockingbird
"Mr. Ewell found himself as forgotten as Tom Robinson."page 248 "Atticus said the Ewells had been the disgrace of Maycomb county for three generations." page 30
I chose this picture because Bob Ewell seemed worthless and lonely and the lady in this picture looks alone and lonely. People judged the Ewells for generations instead of accepting how they live and how they have a hard time getting by. Even though Bob Ewell has an alchohal problem, i believe people should have helped him with it.
I chose this picture because when Aunt Alexandra comes to live with them, she judges Scout for dressing like a boy. But at the same time Jem also makes fun of her for wearing a dress. Scout gets stereotyped and it makes her upset.
"When I said I could do nothing in a dress, she said I shouldnt be doing things that required pants."page 80 "She hurt my feelings and had set my teeth permanently on edge."page 80
"I don't see any harm in letting her go out there." page 136 "You've got to face it sooner or later and it might as well be tonight. We don't need her now" page 137
I chose this picture because when Aunt Alexandra comes to live with the Finch's all she wants to do is get rid of Calpurnia and be in charge of the kids. This picture shows an African American and a white person holding hands and shows that they don't care about racism. Alexandra shouldn't be racist because its just horrible.
In the book Mrs. Dubose suffered from a drug addiction. She was addicted to morphine which is a pain killer. Before she died she would resist the morphine until Jem was done reading. She died drug free. This picture makes me think of how she felt fighting to resist the morphine.
"Shes not suffering anymore. She was sick for a long time." page 111. "She died beholden to nothing and nobody. She was the bravest person I ever knew." page 112
This picture shows a lady looking out her window and doesnt really look like she wants to go out. This reminds me of Boo Radley not wanting to go outside because of what people say about him.
"The Radley place was inhabited by an unknown entity the mere description of whom was enough to make us behave for days on end." page 6 "Taking the one man whos done you and this town a great service and dragging him with his shy ways into the limelight... Well itd sort of be like shooting a mockingbird wouldn't it?" page 276
This picture is from the movie "The Help" and Atticus reminds me of the main character in it which is the white lady in the picture. No matter what anyone says, Atticus defends Tom Robinson just like he is supposed to. He doesnt care what other people have to say about him at all, just like the white lady from The Help.
"They wanted to get you, didn't they? They were after you, weren't they?" page 146 "Scared about Atticus. Someone might hurt him." page 147 "
Ashlynn Patenaude
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