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A Twitter Analytics Tale

Three months after the inception of the @PBSinterns Twitter account, I created a Prezi to summarize our progress, analytics, and hopes and dreams for the future.

Brionne Griffin

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of A Twitter Analytics Tale

Once upon a time... In a city that isn't a city ... An idea was born... @PBSinterns In a closet that isn't a closet ... The
@PBSintern Neighborhood A Twitter Tale ... And a mission was granted So what's an intern to do? 2. Establish a following Follower Growth 1. Lay a solid foundation Voice & Verbiage Yes No Witty
Pithy Demeaning
Business Speak
Sloppy Grammar Voice & Verbiage Yes Witty
Pithy No Demeaning
Business Speak
Sloppy Grammar Tweetable Topics Yes Office pics
Event pics
Words of wisdom from superiors
Interesting articles/sites for 20-somethings
NPR intern banter No Classified secrets
Personal updates
Anything annoying
Too many RTs Best Practices Use #hashtags when possible and relevant
Whether positive or negative, reply to conversational tweets
Don't use one-size-fits-all phrases – personalize responses
Keep voice, tone and frequency of tweets consistent 3. Create goals Goals 1. Reach 300 followers by summer's end 6. Get more famous than Charlie Sheen 2. Respond to every relevant tweet 3. Experiment with various methods of engagement 4. Host a tweet-up 5. Ensure a smooth transition for new interns 3. To the Twitter! Highlights Most RTs Lowlights Response Not Necessary NPR Folks Favorites ... ... ... ... ... Tweet Flops ... ... 4. Analyze & Adjust Additional & Future Goals Metrics Tweet History Hashtags Time 1. Never have a tweetless day
2. Schedule at least 4 tweets for
the weekend on Fri
3. Be more consistent with
4. #FF is your friend, so don't
neglect it Thanks to by
Griffin Sources Twitter Business https://business.twitter.com/basics/best-practices/.
Mashable http://mashable.com/2009/06/24/twitter-brand-best-practices/
Socialbrite http://www.socialbrite.org/2011/10/03/24-best-practices-for-nonprofits-using-twitter/
Social Media Today http://socialmediatoday.com/fixcourse/642516/5-ways-double-your-twitter-followers-10-minutes-day Twitonomy
My Top Tweet by TwitSprout
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