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Aloos Aloos

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of HRM

Done By:
Ola Sameer Affouni
Academic Num.: 2008 2572 HRM DEFINITION OBJECTIVES References The administrative discipline of hiring and developing employees so that they become more valuable to the organization. AIMS Organization: Employee: Content HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT INCLUDES - Payroll
- Time and attendance
- Benefits administration
- HR management information system
- Recruiting
- Training/Learning management
- Performance record
- Employee self-service
- Scheduling FACTORS External forces Internal forces variables that impact an organization from the outside related to events and changes taking place within the company itself DEVELOPMENTS INDIVIDUAL ORGANIZ- ATIONAL - Able to regenerate itself

- Confronts new and ever-challenging circumstances New and creative organization solutions 1- Performance enhancement
2- Improvement related to one's current job (training) 1- Knowledge
2- Skills
3- Improved behaviors Leads to Includes Includes which results .. Strategic Management of
Human Resources in Construction Industry. - Definition
- HRM in Construction
- Aim
- Objectives
- Includes
-Elements for successful Construction Organizations
- Factors
- Developments Training Motivation For Successful
Construction Organizations making use of the principles of training and motivation in HRM practices
- Developing knowledge and skills related to work.

- By managers and executives

- Performance is measured to monitor improvements among construction teams. - The willingness to expend effort towards a particular set of behaviors

- The key is to fifind proper ways to satisfy the needs Physiological needs
food, water, adequate shelter. Safety needs: physical &
psychological safety from external threats Social needs: companionship &
sense of personal belongingness. Esteem needs: a sense
of self-esteem & self-worth. Self-
needs: needs for
personal growth,
development of full potential Maslow’s Need Hierarchy Theory - Reach it goals

-Provide well-trained and well-motivated employees

-Develop and maintain quality of work life - Ensure respect

- Identify and satisfy individual needs

- Achieve and maintain high confidence among employees

- Develop overall personality

- Enhance employee's capabilities to perform the present job OBJECTIVES - On Site

- Utilizes a large number of ‘‘skilled” employer

-Includes job rotation On Job
- Classroom lectures
- Filmsfi
-Simulation exercises

For developing technical and problem-solving skills Off Job - Competition
- labor market
- Environment
- Politics
- Culture
- Technology
- Global market
- Economy
- Education - Customers
- Type of Machines
- Leadership
- Organizational
- Job quality
- Work systems 1- Definition
http://www.businessdictionary.com/definition/human-resource-management-HRM.html (last access, 2012)
2- HRM in construction
http://www.evancarmichael.com/Human-Resources/3437/Overview-of-Human-Resource-Planning.html(last access, 2012)
4- Objectives
http://expertscolumn.com/content/human-resource-management-nature-scope-objectives-and-function (last access, 2012)
5- Includes
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_resource_management_system (last access, 2012)
6- Training and motivation
http://dychen1981.cai.swufe.edu.cn/teaching/Project%20Management/%CF%EE%C4%BF%B9%DC%C0%ED/Project%20Management.Data/PDF/HRM-3753999616/HRM.PDF (last access, 2012)
7- Maslow Needs
http://kalyan-city.blogspot.com/2010/06/maslow-hierarchy-of-needs-theory-of.html (last access, 2012)
8- Factors
9- Developments
http://www.explorehr.org/articles/HR_Planning/Key_Components_of_Human_Resource_Development.html (last access, 2012) Objectives Workers Right Effective MANPOWER RIGHT
KIND THANK YOU Any Questions?
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