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The Wonderful Wizard of Oz By. Eve Cho a.k.a. Miss Mustache

My Book Project ;)

Eve Cho

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz By. Eve Cho a.k.a. Miss Mustache

Eve Gyubin Cho :)
Number 21 The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Dorothy is sent to the Land of the Munchkins. Dorothy returns to Kansas Dorothy lives in Kansas with her Uncle Henry and Aunt Em. One day, a cyclone hits their house. Uncle Henry and Aunt Em escapes, but Dorothy and Toto(her dog) doesn't. The cyclone carries the small house into a beautiful land called the Land of the Munchkins. :) Dorothy is on her way, and as she rests on a fence, she sees a scarecrow on a pole. The scarecrow had a painted face, and he was stuffed with straw. He suddenly says, "Good day." Dorothy is surprised that he can speak, and she takes the Scarecrow off the pole. The Scarecrow tells Dorothy that he wants a brain, so he decides that he will go with Dorothy to the Emerald City to ask Oz for some brains. :) Dorothy and the Scarecrow hears a groan in the forest. They go near the forest and finds a woodman trying to chop down a tree. He asks them if they would oil his joints, so they do it. The Tin Woodman tells his sad story of how he loved a beautiful Munchkin girl, but her mom disagreed because she needed help in the house, so she asked the Wicked Witch of the East to kill him for 2 sheep and a cow. The witch cuts off every part of the Tin Woodman's body, but he made a new part of his body every day from the tin-smith. Now he was a Tin Woodman. He wanted a heart to love the Munchkin girl, so he decides to go on the journey to the Emerald City with Dorothy, the Scarecrow and Toto to ask Oz for a heart. :) Dorothy and the Scarecrow meets the Tin Woodman As soon as the crew reaches the Country of the Quadlings, the Good Witch accepts all of them at once right when they arrive and grants all of their wishes with Dorothy's Golden Cap. Dorothy finds out that she could've returned the day she came here with her silver shoes, and Dorothy returns to Kansas. Dorothy soon found out that her silver shoes were missing when she reached her house. She thinks it probably fell out of her feet during her journey to her home :) Dorothy meets the Scarecrow Pictures :P Videos :P Dorothy and her crew meets the cowardly lion and Oz Dorothy and her crew meets the cowardly lion in a forest. They were first very scared because of his big growl, but soon finds out that he is a coward, and doesn't have any courage. The lion decides to go with the crew to ask Oz for some courage. After a long journey, they reach the Emerald City. They are required to wear green goggles, and they have to meet Oz all separately. Oz turns into a different shape every time. Oz tells every one of them that he will not grant their wishes if they don't kill the Wicked Witch of the West. :) Dorothy and her crew kills the Wicked Witch of the West Dorothy and her crew heads for the West to meet the Wicked Witch of the West. A lot of danger faces them, such as flying monkeys. Dorothy is in the danger of getting her silver shoes stolen from the witch, but Dorothy still has her shoes with her. Dorothy got really mad once when the Witch tripped her to get the silver shoes, so Dorothy poured water all over her. SHE STARTED TO MELT! The Witch died very quickly, and Dorothy and her crew went back to Oz to get the things they wanted. Dorothy and her crew heads for the Country of the Quadlings Dorothy kills the Wicked Witch of the West by an accident, gets her silver shoes, and heads for the Emerald City By a coincidence, Dorothy kills the Wicked Witch of the East. She is given the witch's silver shoes, which Dorothy found very pretty. She also hears from the Munchkin's land that she can return to Kansas if she walks her way through on the yellow brick road, reach Emerald City, and Oz, the witch, will take her back to Kansas. She wears her silver shoes, and heads for the Emerald City with Toto. :) Even after they kill the witch by melting her with water, and even has proof of Dorothy having the Golden Cap, Oz still won't give them the things they want. They find out that Oz isn't a witch at all: he was just a humbug who can't do anything! So Oz tries his best to make them FEEL like their wishes have come true, so for example, for the Tin Woodman's heart, he puts a heart-shaped toy in his breast. So it's kind of a trick. But sending Dorothy to Kansas seems impossible to trick. Oz tells them to go to the Country of the Quadlings, and the Good Witch Glinda will grant her wishes. :)
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