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HIS40S: Changes in India

No description

Melanie Gamache

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of HIS40S: Changes in India

HIS40S: Changes in India
September 24, 2013
Answer Exercise D: 1 and 2
September 25, 2013
Go over Exercise B: #2 - 5
September 26, 2013
Watch Gandhi:
September 27, 2013
Finish watching Section 2.5
September 23, 2013
Watch section 2.1 (00.00 - 20.24)
September 20, 2013
Intro Research essays due!
September 30, 2013
Finish Section 2.6 (1:58:33 - 2:18:59)
October 1, 2013
Watch Section 2.8
October 2, 2013
Gandhi Critical Questions
October 3, 2013
Mrs. Gamache is away at a meeting today!
October 4, 2013
Presentation Assignment:
Gandhi brainstorm
Background information
Begin Gandhi
Gandhi Brainstorm
What do you know about India?
Where is it?
What's the culture like?
Who was Gandhi?
What did he do?
Background Info
Look at photographs.
Read through background info. Ask questions!
Read through vocabulary and take short quiz at the end.
Watching Gandhi
Part 1: 00.00 - 20.24
Time to answer questions, discuss possible answers.
Answer questions.
Go over Section 2.2
Watch section 2.3 (41.20 - 1:02:04)
Context 1915
Define important terms
Group Work
Watch 1:02:05-1:31:03
Context: 1915
World War or "Great War" (1914-1918)
Austria- Hungary

British Empires
Define Important Terms
Home Rule - control over India
Sedition - rebelling against the state
Sahib - speaking to a European in colonial India (meaning "Sir"
Group Work
Using available resources, work together in a small group to complete the four mini tasks.
1. What would the British and Indian arguments be against and for Indian Home Rule in 1915?
2. What was Indian life like for citizens in India in 1915? Compare this to Canada in 1915.
3. What is Indian life like for citizens in India in 2013? Compare this to Canada.
4. Refer to Gandhi's speech. Explain how his words apply to modern politics.
Section 2.4: 1:02:05 - 1:31:03
Section 2.5: 1:34:30 - 1:58:32
Discuss Section 2.4 and 2.5
Discuss questions on 2.4/2.5
Focus questions
Focus Questions
In a small group, look at the focus questions.
Talk about them. Ask more questions, google things you don't know.
You're not responsible to find an answer to any one question, but I will be asking each group which question(s) you've discussed and what kind of answers you're leaning toward.
Discuss questions: 2.6
Watch Section 2.7 (2:19:00 - 2:34:09)
**As events/situations come up, make note of questions or items we should look at it in more depth - BE CRITICAL!**
Go over discussion questions.
Gandhi Critical Questions
Presentation Criteria
Gandhi test - Tuesday, October 8, 2013
Gandhi Critical Questions
Read through list of questions.
Add questions that you have from watching the film.
Post Secondary Presentations this period!
(We'll continue working on the mini presentations tomorrow!)
Lab 274 (Math Lab) is available for your use.
Reasonable time frame?
Use class time for: documenting your research and coming up with an answer to the question.
October7, 2013
Gandhi Question Presentations - 30 minutes maximum
Test Review - 30 minutes maximum
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