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Red bull presentation

No description

Dean Fiorentino

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Red bull presentation

Red Bull is one of the worlds leading energy drink, holding 70% share of the energy drink market. More then a Billion cans a year are sold in almost 100 different countires. Red Bull is known for their innovative advertising. Red Bull Rarley advertises in big sporting events, instead they prefer to use the under the radar concept Red Bull generally targets (generation Y) which are individuals who are between the ages 15 to 30. Red Bull targets these individuals by sponsoring athletes in extreme sports, such as Motocross, Freestyle Motocross, Rally Racing, Cliff Diving, Sky Diving, BMX, Skiing, Flying, Skateboarding. Red Bull Teams up with MTV and creates a show called Nitro Circus, which consist of Red bulls best extreme sports junkies What sparks you interest in music?
Is it the way the song is sung, or maybe a style of playing? The thing that catches my interset is how well the people playing in the bands gel and how they feed off their energy and emotions that get put into a song. When those elements are put together it brings out a strong message like a story to fans all over. Another thing that catches my interest is how
these popular song are made and broken down and
Amount of effort that goes into each song not just by
the band but also the producer. Music is an international language that everyone understands now matter what language it is because the music speaks for itself and the vibe it throws off delivers that message Proactiv: helpful or Harmful? What Is proactiv? A three step system:
Moisturizer used twice daily
evening It was developed by two dermatologists
to fight the causes of acne in teens and adults. Proactiv in the media Proactiv relys heavily on celebrity influences to sell their product. These are only some of the celebrities
Proactiv has hired to be in their media. Proactiv's commercials can most always been seen on teen based channels such as:
The N
Proactiv: real Stories? I do believe these people have
used Proactiv and it has worked
out well for them, but how can these three women have no make up on in their before pictures and a full set of makeup on in their after pictures? From experience I know that a little cover up can cover up alot of acne problems. I'd also like to point out that this man didn't have acne to begin with? Proactiv: Targeting Teen Insecurities "I used to have a serious acne
condition, believe me everybody
noticed. I was so embarassed" My reason for targeting Proactiv
in this project is because when I was a
Sophomore in High School, I tried Proactiv.
Not only did the system completely not
work, but I had a terrible rash down the left
side of my face for about a month. Not once
in a Proactiv commercial have I seen a warning
for people with sensitive skin, or a warning at all.
Proactiv is too worried about using celebrity influence
to sell their product they forget the important details.
Overall I think while Proactiv's approach to mass
media retail could be effective, it is misinformational
and needs to be clearer. Music is also a huge market for
people to make money for products
jingles ex) Budweiser real men of genius
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