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The Denver Airport Conspiracy

No description

Joanne Wu

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of The Denver Airport Conspiracy

On the surface, the Denver International Airport seems like any other modern airport. However, many have found that there's more that meets the eye. Much more.
The Denver Airport Conspiracy
Joanne Wu
designed by Péter Puklus for Prezi
The Airport
Where is the Denver Airport located? (L1)
The Murals
The Denver Airport is located 25 miles from Denver, Colorado. It sits on a plot of land that covers about 51 square miles.
Why did they build Denver Airport when there was a functioning airport nearby? (L2)
Stapleton International Airport, according to some theorists, was
properly and had more capacity. This was not true. The Stapleton Airp
rt was 65 years old, was a major noise nuisance, and had only three 10,000-foot runways, the minimum needed for large jets at such a high elevation, and barely adequate for fully loaded international jumbos.
Why would someone design the runways so they resembled a swastika? (L4)
Many theorists claim that the swastika is related to the Nazi-style soldier painted in the murals inside the airport. However, Denver is quite windy, and the runways must be suited for the winds. If a swastika-like layout is what works, then they'll use a swastika.
Why would the airport require so much land, despite the size of the airport? (L4)
The Stapleton Airport didn't have adequate space, so they probably didn't want it to happen again. In addition, they also needed
for attractions and hotels.
The Airport
Why do the barbed wire fences angle in, as if to keep the people inside, unlike other airports? (L2)
Like other commercial airports, the Denver Airport's runways are fenced off with barbed wire, for obvious safety reasons. Stories that the wire is angled inward are simply untrue; people who have actually been to the airport report the wire sticks up. There is no significant difference between the fencing at Denver Airport and any other commercial airport.
Denver Airport. See how the runways are placed to form a shape that resembles a swastika?
What could the airport be hiding underground? (L3)
According to theorists, up to eight levels of underground facilities are said to exist, while workers who go down there supposedly refuse to talk about what they do. However, anyone who has travelled through Denver would know that the underground constructions are for the underground train system that connects all the terminals. Unfortunately, the system did not work well, so in 2005, it was abandoned completely. Now, the underground tunnels are used for conventional baggage handling. Hundreds of workers go down there every day, and none have reported seeing anything unusual. T
here ha
ve been no reports found of a worker refusing to talk abo
ut his/her j
ob, so I can only assume this was made up.
The murals were painted by an artist named Leo Tanguma. He painted two murals, "The Children of the World Dream of Peace" and "In Peace and Harmony With Nature".
The Children of the World Dream of Peace
In Peace and Harmony With Nature
The Murals
What do the murals really represent? (L1/2)
According to the artist himself, his work "comes out of the Chicano movement" and he is still trying to "be faithful to [his] original idea of human dignity." Much of his work reflects Native American or Mexican symbolism. His work has nothing to do with the New World Order. Theorists believe that the murals represents the New World Order's plans to take over the world; however, his murals do not represent violence. In fact, they depict a hopeful message of peace.
What might the symbol on the floor in front of the murals mean? (L2)
On the floor in front of the mural depicting the gas-mask soldier is a little mining cart with the letters AU AG on it. Theorists believe that the AU AG stands for Australia Antigen, which is a type of virus. However, Colorado is famous for its history of gold and silver mines, so a mining cart full of AU and AG seems to be an appropriate state symbol. At least, it makes much more snese the Australia Antigen theory.
How might this symbol relate to the murals? (L3/4)
The mural the mining cart is in front of is the mural with the Nazi-like gas-mask soldier. Theorists believe that this a warning that the New World Order will kill off many people
Australia Antigen. However, the artist himself ha
s said
t the so
ldier was just his representation of w
The New World Order
What is the New World Order? (L1)
The New World Order is referred to as a secret group that is conspiring to rule the world via world government.
How does the New World Order relate to the murals? (L2)
The first part of "The Children of the World Dream of Peace" shows a gas-mask wearing soldier who is killing everything in its path, implying that the New World Order will kill off people, reducing the world population to 2 billion people, which will eventually lead to a perfect world, as seen in the second portion of "Living in Peace and Harmony with Nature".
If the New World Order wanted their plans to remain secret, why would they place such obvious clues in one of the world's busiest places? (L4)
It may be possible that the New World Order wants people to be informed of their plans, so they leave these clues, hidden in plain sight. However, this isn't very likely as most conspirators will want to keep what they're doing quiet. Most likely, the strange things about Denver Airport are mere coincidences, and the New World Order probably doesn't even exist.
Why would 2 billion people be the perfect be the ideal goal for world control? (L3/4)
The answer is, it's not. There were around 2 billion people in the world a long time ago, but still, there was conflict between people, deaths, and to sum it up, it was not perfect. The people who say that the New World Order wants to reduce the world's population to 2 billion people probably made it up. After all, where's the evidence?
Denver Airport
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