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Our lovely VIXX members

No description

Michaila Tilly

on 11 January 2014

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Transcript of Our lovely VIXX members

VIXX - Voice, Visual, Value in Excelsis
Okay Time to learn the basics about VIXX. Firstly, VIXX began on an trainee show called MyDol, and they are under the company of JellyFish Entertainment. These Six member we chosen out of the ten people who were there, one of the last members to join VIXX was Hyuk, who you'll learn more about later. They were chosen to be a group based on their skills that have potiental to grow and succeed in the music industry and here they are.
These two clowns are the next ones we will learn more about. Ken on the left and Ravi on the right.
Maknae Liners
The two youngest of the groups, aren't they sexy ^_^. On the left Hongbin and on the right Hyuk.
Handsome Kong-Kong Hongbin
Real Name: Lee Hongbin
Stage Name: Hongbin
Birthdate: September 29th, 1993
Hometown: Seoul (Jayang-dong)
Family: Parents, 2 Older Sisters
Education: Dong-ah Broadcasting College
Position: Visual, Sub Vocal
Hobbies: Taking photos and playing basketball
Favorite Artist: Park Hyoshin, John Legend
Favorite Food: Spaghetti, Korean sweet and sour pork, curry
Favorite Pastry: Energy bar
Favorite Color: Navy
Interesting Facts
He lived in a Buddhist temple with his grandmother and was a Buddhist monk when he was a child
His ideal type is Secret’s Hyosung because she has a beautiful smile. Someone who’s tall, has long straight hair, good personality, and a good sense. Someone who gives her all in her job
He is lefthanded
His charm are his dimples
He likes the words “I want to see you”
He’d be happy to hear a fan say, “You’re really good at singing”
He would be a puppy if he were an animal
His valuable belonging is his CD from his trainee days where Park Hyoshin wrote a cheer message for him
He’s been a fan of Park Hyoshin since middle school
Clever Maknae Hyuk
Real Name: Han Sanghyuk
Stage Name: Hyuk (혁)
Birthdate: July 5th, 1995
Hometown: Daejeon
Family: Parents, Older Sister
Position: Maknae, Dance, Vocal
Education: Hanlim Arts High School
Hobbies: Reading
Favorite Artist: Park Hyoshin, Justin Bieber
Favorite Food: Doesn’t have any
Favorite Color: Black, White
Interesting Facts
His ideal type is SISTAR’s Dasom
He doesn’t own a cellphone
His charm are his eyes
He likes the words “The people who have expectations know it before being born”
He’d be happy to hear a fan say, “Today’s performance was really good”
He would be a baby dinosaur if he were an animal
He would try any hair color as long as it doesn’t involve bleaching because it hurts a lot
His valuable belonging is his necklace that his sister bought for him.
He is also Lactose Intolerant.
The Cutesy Vocalist
Real Name: Lee Jaehwan
Stage Name: Ken
Birthdate: April 6th, 1992
Hometown: Seoul (Jayang-dong)
Family: Parents, 2 Older Brothers
Position: Main Vocal
Hobbies: Drawing, watching and studying gag shows, beatbox, and dancing to other groups’ songs
Favorite Food: Instant food, chocolate
Favorite Pastry: Korean candies like White Hiem
Favorite Artist: Park Hyoshin, Kimbum, Kim Hyojun, Brian Mcknight, Eric Benet
Favorite Color: Black, White
Interesting Facts
Has won multiple song-writing awards
He doesn’t have an ideal type
His charm is his one pack
He like the words “You can do it”
He’d be happy to hear a fan say, “Ken can do anything~,” “How can you be that cute?”
He would be a monkey if he were an animal because they’re clever
He would dye his hair green
His valuable belonging is his Sunny from One Piece. This figure has been with him since he started living in the dorm.
In their third single, “Don’t Want to Be an Idol” is based on him. He had a girlfriend prior joining Jellyfish Entertainment. He had to decide whether to join Jellyfish and become an idol or stay with his girlfriend.
Hip-Hop Rapper Ravi
Real Name: Kim Wonsik
Stage Name: Ravi
Birthdate: February 15th, 1993
Hometown: Seoul (Jamsil-dong)
Family: Parents, Younger Sister
Position: Main Rapper, Dance
Education: Howon University
Hobbies: Body Training
Favorite Artist: BIG BANG, Trey Songz, Ludacris
Favorite Food: Anything
Favorite Pastry: Coffee
Favorite Color: Black, White
Interesting Facts
His ideal type is a pretty and self-concious woman
His charm is being manly
He likes the word dream
He’d be happy to hear a fan say, “Your voice is cool, I like your rapping”
He sleeps in sleeveless shirts and training wear
He would be a horse if he were an animal
He would try reggae hairstyle, but also a specaiily arranged style
His valuable belonging is his lyrics notebook. He always takes it with him.
Leader N
Real Name: Cha Hakyeon
Stage Name: N
Birthdate: June 30th, 1990
Hometown: Changwon
Family: Parents, one older brother, two older sisters
Education: Howon University
Position: Leader, Dance, Vocal
Hobbies: Dancing and directing stages (or performing)
Favorite Artist: BIG BANG, SMAP, Beyonce, David Archuleta
Favorite Food: Meat, especially galbi
Favorite Pastry: Ice cream and jagariko
Favorite Color: Red, Black
Interesting Facts
His ideal type is someone who’s nice, a wise lady like SNSD’s Seohyun
His charm is his affinity (natural liking) and sexiness onstage
He’d be happy to hear a fan say, “You’re charismatic when you dance, you’re sexy”
He would be a squirrel or a fennec fox if he were an animal
He would try a manly hairstyle
His valuable belonging if his diary when he was a trainee. He’s written about time of struggles, dreams, and achieved goals.
Silent Vocal Leo
Real Name: Jung Taekwoon
Stage Name: Leo
Nickname: Poker face
Birthdate: November 10th, 1990
Hometown: Seoul (Yangjae-dong)
Family: Parents, 3 Older Sisters
Religious Views: Buddhist
Position: Main Vocal
Education: Howon University
Hobbies: Read fashion magazines, watch Japanese romance films, and learning how to compose
Favorite Artist: Park Hyoshin, Naui, Trey Songz
Favorite Food: Anything
Favorite Color: Blue, White, Black
Interesting Facts
Member of the National Youth Soccer Players from 2004 to 2007
Knows Tae Kwon Do
He is ambidextrous (able to write with both hands)
Won various championships in swimming and boxing
His ideal type is someone who he falls in love with at first sight, but not based on looks, but on the feeling
His charm is his effort
He likes the words “You can do it”
He was moved when a fan tweeted, “It’s been hard but listening to Leo’s song my heart feels at ease”
He would be a lion if he were an animal
He would dye his hair black, white, and blue because those are his favorite colors
His valuable belonging is the MP3 and the rosary his mother gave him. When he’s having a hard time, he takes his rosary and feels comforted
The Oldest Ones
Aren't they just adorable. Thier names are Leo (on the left) and N the leader (on the right).
Middle Line Brother
Copyrights of Info goes to my knowledge and a friend's blog on tumblr.
Debut MV
VIXX Debut Stage
MyDol Episode 1- Eng Sub
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