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No description

on 26 April 2014

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Transcript of Globant

Founded in 2003

2006: Opened first office outside of Buenos Aires

2007: Recognized as the Top Emerging Global Services Provider, by Global Services Magazine

2008: Acquired two companies to deepen the specialization in Microsoft Technologies (Accendra) and Infrastructure Services (Openware).
Closed a financing round with Riverwood Capital and FTV Capital

2009: Presented the 8 studios,teams organized by specific practices and technologies (Gaming, Cloud Computing, Social, Big Data, and more)

2011: Acquired San Francisco- based Nextive to expand our expertise in Mobile Technologies.

2012: Received investment from Endeavor Catalyst. Acquired Brazil based Terra Forum to reinforce our expertise in innovation and expand their global presence.
2012 year end
"Globant considers Corporate Social Responsibility as a sustainable way of management, taking into account economical, social and environmental factors in its creation of value."

Four Pillars:

Live Ethically

Think Green

Globant Inclusive

Ready to Help
Presented by: Nasha Bunch
Joseph Carter
Drew Patenaude
SWOT Analysis
Globant appears to be solid financially when compared to other companies in the IT Consulting field.

Revenues are significantly lower than its top competitors.

Globant spends a much larger percentage of revenue in SG&A than other competitors in the industry.

In 2012, this type of spending had a gross impact on net profits.

Considering the relatively low revenues, one would expect the tax expense to be significantly lower consequently, driving up the percent of net profit.

Globant & the IPO
Large Global & Outsourcing Sector
Globant was suppose to sell shares on the New York Stock Exchange in the first quarter of 2014 after it reported earnings.

Statements submitted to U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission was planned to raise $86.3 million in the IPO.

Proceeds from the offering will be used to pay debt and finance capital expenditures, strategic acquisitions and working capital.

Although the company is unsure when they will actually go public, they are still currently in the filling phase.

Globant as an Investment
The net present value is a positive value, $150,921. Therefore the investment should at least be considered.
Operating Metrics
Globant’s revenue increased to $37.4 million in the second quarter from $29.4 million in the same period last year.

of revenue predominately from North America and only 5% from Argentina. 

The company posted income of $5.6 million in the April to June period compared with losses of $6.4 million a year earlier.

Human Capital
Help society by educating students in their industry

Help environment to improve innovation potential

Blue Chip Clients
More funding, better products

Relationships gained from acquisitions

Venture Capital
3 main investors
WPP’s addition to Globant

Decreasing Attrition
Decreasing efficiency

Mitigate Risks Involved with Growth
Being able to evolve when experiencing growth

Union Affiliation
Industrial based income, unions are associated

Upper-Management Reliance
Difficulty to replace these individuals
Detrimental to success of the company

Security Breaches
Customers personal data
Issue of credibility
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