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Intranet Sitemap & Wireframes

No description

Jennifer Shaver

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of Intranet Sitemap & Wireframes

Modeled after popular news sites like cnn.com, the news page is an aggregate of all agency news content. Our news categories are: Awards, Culture & People, New Business, and The Work. The news page will also feature feeds of our social media and industry publications. Local content will now be featured on the global News page and will include a feed of all staff email announcements, a calendar of events, and recent events' photos

Modeled after the iTunes app store, the Resources section puts everything an employee needs to be productive just one click away. Resources will feature five main categories (My Office, Tools, Requests & Forms, Reference, and Here To Help) and two featured categories (Popular, and New & Noteworthy)

Summary of Main Categories
My Office: Facilities related content
Tools: Productivity apps
Requests & Forms: Links to request apps and request forms
Reference: Information sources
Here to Help: Service departments

The Agency
This is where an employee learns about who we are and what sets us apart. The agency is our hub for philanthropic initiatives, social activities and the proprietary process and thinking that makes this agency great. The Agency is divided into four main categories: Who We Are, Card Carrying Members Get Access To..., Give Back, Join In

Summary of Categories
Who We Are: Leadership, department overviews, agency information
Card Carrying...: Proprietary process information and the agency culture handbook
Give Back: Philanthropic associations and opportunities
Join In: Social and cultural enrhichment clubs and activities

Get Smart
New to our Intranet experience, this is Draftfcb's employee-driven knowledge center. With categories of learning defined, employees are encouraged to post articles, videos or documents which demonstrate thought leadership (content written by them or someone else). Participation will be rewarded through gamification features including a list of Top Contributors, Participation Score and specially-appointed Badges. Get Smart will align with agency-sponsored training initiatives.

Modeled after Yammer and Facebook, The Draftfcb Intranet will provide a social networking platform for all* employees. Each employee will have a social profile where they can post status updates and receive information from the sources they follow. Employees can follow other employees, Intranet sites, team sites, documents and hashtags.

*An employee must have a Draftfcb Active Directory Profile

Each news category will feature an archive of news as well as related, topical content. Topical content for Awards includes:
Feature of latest award-show viewing room.
Link to the list of all award-winners.
Links to previous award-show viewing rooms.
Links to industry award shows.

New Business

Culture & People
Each news category will feature an archive of news as well as related, topical content. Topical content for Awards includes:

Link to The Agency section.
Featured culture/social event.

The Work
Each news category will feature an archive of news as well as related, topical content. Topical content for The Work includes:

Link to the website's Creative Work gallery.
Link to The Vault.
Link to Awards News.
Links to industry publications.

News Article Page
Every News story will follow the same layout and will feature relevant content on the sidebar:

List of new News stories
Links to our Social Media pages.
Links to the Draftfcb.com website and Draftfcblog.
Links to industry publications.
An all-agency survey was issued asking employees to provide feedback on the current Intranet experience.

About Me
About me is the employee's Intranet profile information. Some information is populated directly for Active Directory and some information such as "Ask me about..." and the employee's photo can be modified by the employee.

The employee can launch Draftfcb's custom Talent Profile from this screen.

Our Intranet platform, Microsoft SharePoint 2013, features an integrated Task list which rolls up all tasks assigned to the employee across all SharePoint sites. The employee may also create personal tasks directly on this screen.

Our Intranet platform allows each user to create their own internal Blog.
Main Intranet Navigation
Social & Collaboration

Community Portal
The Community Portal is the replacement for Yammer Groups. A community can be requested by an employee in order to create a presence within the agency for a particular group, club or organization that people can join or follow. Get Smart is the agency's first and foremost Community featured in the Community Portal.

Team Sites
Team Sites, similar to Communities, are created for private collaboration within account teams and departments. Access can be extended to agency partners and clients. Team Sites also feature Newsfeeds allowing employees to receive updates and post announcements targeted to members of their site.
Here's what they had to say.
Employees want to see more of...
and found these to be obstacles.
employees represented all regions responded
1. Optimize the search experience.
2. Simplify the user experience
3. Provide a platform for employee participation.
1. Engage agency thought leaders.
2. Centralize content management.
3. Promote local content.
A site taxonomy and term store is currently being built. All content will be tagged and optimized for search. All popular resources and links will be given prominence in the search results.
The local and global sites are being combined into one experience. Content will be targeted to employees based on their Active Directory location. The multi-tiered, drop-down navigation is being replaced with four main links. Content will be aggregated from several different sources creating a one-stop experience for agency and industry news and resources.
With the discontinuation of Yammer, there is a gap in our social networking capabilities. The new Intranet will offer an internal social network modeled after Facebook and Yammer. Employees will also be able to contribute thought leadership and training to our new Get Smart portal - a community site with topical categories that employees can contribute links, white papers, presentations, videos, etc.
4. Promote agency culture.
The Intranet will be a platform for local and global happenings - a place where employees can easily understand who we are, what we are about and what makes us tick.
2. Assemble a great team.
We are an agency full of digital talent. The corporate team engaged the New York Healthcare Digital team to advise on content strategy, information architecture and copywriting. Our concept is also being vetted by several digital advisors throughout the agency.
1. Start Over
This project will be a complete tear down and new build.
3. Work with what we have.
This project has no budget. We are leveraging the new SharePoint 2013 platform as our CMS which will also serve as our client extranet/team collaboration solution. Luckily, the new version of SharePoint is leaps and bounds ahead of its previous version in terms of usability and design. We think the agency is going to approve.
"If you build it, they will come." Yeah, we've learned that there's not much truth to that. For the social features of the Intranet to take hold, we need something to build an audience around. Our agency thought leaders must embrace this as a platform for sharing ideas.
To ensure all content is optimized for search, all content management responsibilities (with exception of social content and company news) will be centralized within the Strategic Operations department and will be administered through a request process.
We'll be encouraging more offices throughout the network to leverage the Intranet as a means to distribute local content. Localization capabilities of our CMS allow for content to be presented in an office's preferred language.
Each news category will feature an archive of news as well as related, topical content. Topical content for New Business includes:

Requests for New Business help.
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