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Knowledge Claims

No description

Khalida Qattash

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of Knowledge Claims

Under the surface: thinking about our knowledge
Knowledge Claims,
Procedural Knowledge
Knowledge Questions
Claim: statement expressing an assertion: "seeing is believing"

Question: inquiry about a claim: "to what extent does our sense
perception lead us to truthful knowledge?"
Procedural Knowledge:
knowing how
What WoK do you use to know the following?

your best friend
resolving a conflict
women in Jordan are more educated than women in Yemen.
God will judge people on the Day of Judgment
all the cafes in Rainbow Street
Arabs are very generous
how to make a paper frog
how to solve a mathematical equation
how it feels to be a mother
Palestine is occupied by Israel.
the sun will rise tomorrow.
Kinds of knowledge claims
Statements of personal observation

Statements of observation

Statements of values, or a value judgement


Hypothetical statements

Metaphysical statements
TOK key words



processes for validation

I know that I am now attending TOK class
I know that Amman is the capital of Jordan
I know that Jordanians are friendly people.
I know tomorrow will be a better day.
I know that we have an exam tomorrow.
I know that if I study well, I will get a good grade.
I know that good is intrinsic in humans.
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