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RainForest Animals :D

No description

ariana marcelino

on 2 September 2013

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Transcript of RainForest Animals :D

Hyacinth Macaws
Golden Lion Tamarin
life span : 15 years
Macaws are endangered since deforestation and many are kept as a pet or even be captured illegally for trading.
Mountain Gorilla
yellow in map = is where the animal lives
Three Toed Sloth
Poison Dart Frog
The Poison Dart is one of the most poisonous animals on Earth. Their normal lifespan is 3 to 15 years and the weight of the poison dart frog is 4 kg. They come in various colors such as yellow, orange, red, green or blue.
The sloth is the world's slowest mammal that algae grows on its fur. On land they are vulnerable to predators such as ,but shockingly great swimmers .Three toed sloths sleep up to 20 hours a day
The Jaguar is endangered due to deforestation and also people hunt them for their fur.
By Ariana
The Golden Lion Tamarin is critically endangered since of too much deforestation,
agriculture and industry.
Mountain Gorilla habitat is located in the Albertine Rift montane forests. They live up to 35 years in the wild ,1.8 m tall and they are 220 kg.
Toucans are omnivores and they mainly fruit, but they sometimes eat bird eggs, tiny lizards, tree frogs and insects
About this animal
Toucans habitat is in South America .They size from 15 cm to over 65 cm. The toucan weight is 550g ,their normal lifespan is 20 yearsThe color of the bill can be black, blue, brown, green, red, white, yellow or a mixture of colors.
Jaguars eat rodents, peccaries, deers, birds, monkeys, armadillos and tapirs
Cause of being endangered
Cause of being endangered
They are endangered due to deforestation.
Cause of being endangered
The rainforest that they are living in is being chopped down
About the animal
About the animal
Cause of deforestation
About this animal
The Golden Lion Tamarin is an omnivore.
They eat vegetables, fruits, spiders, snails,
lizards, small snakes, fruit, and insects.
Cause of being endangered
Their habitat is in the tropical rainforest
near the coast areas in Eastern Brazil of South America.
size : 26 to 34 cm
Their habitat is in various rainforests in South America
The three toed sloth is a herbivore and
eats eat shoots, fruit and leaves from the
Normal lifespan : 20 years or more
size : 58cm
About this animal
Jaguars is the 3rd largest cat in the whole world. They are different than other cats since they don't prevent water and they are good swimmers .Jaguars live in South America and some parts of North america. Their normal lifespan is up to 15 years
Poison are carnivores and they eat ants, beetles, spiders and termites
Toucans are endangered because of deforestation
and poaching.
They are endangered as a result of habitat loss and also poaching. There are 700 mountain gorillas alive today
How did they get endangered
About this animal
About this animal
Hycinth Macaws habitat is in southern part of north america and northern part of south america. Their average lifespan is 60 years.
mountain gorillas are omnivores as they eat roots, shoots, fruit, wild celery and tree bark .
About this Animal
Orangutans live in samll islands called Sumatra and Borneo and they spend nearly all of their times in the trees. Orangutans life span is up to 40 years ,their wieght can be 33 to 82 kg and the orangutans height is 1.5 metres or below
Why did they become endangered
Philippine tarsier
About this animal
How did they get endangered
The Philippine tarsier lives in south east and east part of the Phillipines. Their length is up to 16 cm and they weigh up to 170 grams, The philipine tarsier livespan is 12 years.
Philipine tarsier is a canivore ,their prey is locusts ,grasshoppers, moths ,gnats, mosquitoes, dragon flies, termites, birds ,snakes, bats and lizards
The Philippine Tarsier habitat is being destroyed
The orangutans are omnivores ,as their diet consists fruit, insects, leaves, honey and flowers.
Orangutans are endangered by the cause of deforestation and illegal hunting. Today there are 60,000 left in the wild.
Hycinith macaws are herbivores since they consume nuts and seeds.
Cause of being endangered
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