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No description

Jean Wong

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of transit

the most efficient rail network in the world(able to get to most of the cities in England)
national express(most effective bus network in world)

cabs: expensive
similar to Vancouver RAINLIU TRANSIT Dr. IQ
(teamLEADER) (GVRD) VANCOUVER COMPARE what can we do better? what are the problems? created by: what are we doing right? with NYC, TOKYO, LONDON our government now recommend the citizens to use public transits.
we all regard the idea of sustainability as important.
the use of high-technology on transits. the sustainable development.
the conveniences' improvements on the premise of sustainability. the frequency of public transits.
the growth of population.
the impact of urbanization to the environment. (researcher) (editor) THANK YOU ALL FOR WATCHING!!! SINCYZHANG
JEANWONG GVRD CARS BUS BICYCLE disadvantages: advantages: BENEFITS traffic jam DRAWBACKS BENEFITS a new way of daily travel DRAWBACKS transit privacy
conveniences pollution(exhaust emission)
traffic jam ADVANTAGES:
variety types of transportation(buses, tram, LRT, etc.)

small city with high population; crowded led to traffic jam GVRD NYC PRICE conveniences TOKYO LONDON $2.25 $2.50 $2.99 $3.20 ADVANTAGES:
effective, convenient

many homeless people lives in subways
made the surroundings look messy ADVANTAGES:
not as crowded

skytrain: lack of routes
bus: frequency of the buses are not enough
taxi: expensive GVRD New York City TOKYO LONDON NYC has the cheapest price for regular fees traveling by bus
London has the most effective traveling network & SKYTRAINs less damage to the environment(no pollution)
opportunities to get more exercise
special cycleways slow, takes more time
not many place have bicycle parking To protect our environment,
please: many routes throughout the city(convenience)
less pollution(improves air quality) crowded(especially in the rush hours)
not enough frequency of buses instead of driving, take a public transit. 1. In which city of the following has the lowest price of taking a bus?
a) London b) Tokyo c)NYC d) GVRD

2. What is the advantage of transit in London?
a) it is the cheapest
b) the most efficient rail network
c) the most efficient bus network
d) both B&C 3. In which country of the following have we mentioned that it uses the high- technology on transits?
a) China b) Canada c)UK d) Japan

4. Which of the following is the cause of global warming?
a) increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases
b) the rising of global sea level
c) the rising of global temperature
d) extreme weather 5. Which of the following is public transportation?
a) bicycle b) car c) bus d) none of the above

6. Which of the following is one of the benefit of bicycle?
a) exercise b) pollution c) dangerous d) traffic jam 7. Which of the following cities we have mentioned during presentation?
a) Paris b) NYC c) Hong Kong d) Toronto

8. Which is one of the impact of urbanization?
a) traffic jam b) improves air quality c) both A&B d) none of the above A. NEW YORK D. BOTH B&C fact:
London has the most effective rail and bus network in the world. D. JAPAN exp. LRT, bullet train, etc. increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases A. C. BUS taking a public transit such as bus, sky train, etc. can help protect our environment. A. EXERCISE Activities(multiple choice): riding a bike can help reduce the carbon dioxide that are released by driving a car; besides, it is a good way to exercise. B. NEW YORK CITY A. TRAFFIC JAM
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