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the hope diamond

No description

Stephanie Weiss

on 8 May 2017

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Transcript of the hope diamond

when does it take place
Different viewpoint
Some people say many of the other tragedies attributed to the stone have never been confirmed and are a little more than a rumor. The original thief, according to legend, died a slow painful death, while the later owners were to late and suffered as well. Some people think that it was just a sensational story added by journalist in the late 1800s to sell newspapers. While some of the owners are to have indeed died a bloody death.
In conclusion,We think The Hope Diamond is cursed because many of the owners experienced misfortune.One example is how Nicholas Fouquet who worked for King Louis XIV is said to have worn the diamond, shortly after he fell out of favor with the King and was banished from France and never seen again. This is the reason why we think the hope diamond is cursed with misfortune and bad luck.

What is the Mystery
The hope diamond is said to be cursed with misfortune. It is said that the owners were murdered and in accidents. Those who came in contact with the diamond suffered failed marriages, dead children, drug addiction, and insanity. Many people think the Hope Diamond is cursed and many dont belive this mystery is true.
The Hope Diamond
Alyssa Sanford
Samantha Bustillos
Makayla Mcdermott
The hope diamond was stolen in 1792 during the chaos of the french revolution. The diamond was stolen a week-long looting of the french crown jewels from the Garde-Meuble. It was never said when the diamond was made or who made it but it began in french intill it was passed down generation to generation.
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